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Are you a politician’s wife? This one is for you

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- Never outshine your spouse- your role is to complement your spouse, to make sure that you add to his points. Your outfits, your comments, your demeanour must always be about making him or her look good. You must accept playing second fiddle.

- You are playing to the masses- whatever you do, remember that someone is watching. Make sure that whatever they see makes your spouse look good. Be especially careful around cameras especially if they are recording you in activities that would lead the public to withdraw votes from your spouse.

- Kill the green-eyed monster-politicians bask in public adulation- they thrive on being adored by the masses. Some of this adoration will be manifested in rather embarrassing ways usually involving intense body contact and explicit text messages. The less you know about this the better because jealousy and politics do not go well together

- It is all about the win-Politicians like to win and as their spouse you must help them win. Having a loser politician in your house is way worse than having a winning politician. So if you married a politician, then do all you can to help him win- it might just save your marriage

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