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Let's celebrate aging fathers this coming June

As we prepare to begin the month of June, we can't help but look forward to a month full of happy fathers, for this is where their day lies. As it is said, daughters tend to be attached more to their fathers than their mothers as sons are to their mothers. Not because of anything major, it's just a natural feeling.

It's perhaps why many mothers carry their protective nature right into their sons' marriages, causing a tug of war between them and their daughters-in-law. In the same way, fathers protect their daughters even in marriages and are always given the upper hand in giving their blessing whenever a men ask for their daughters' hand in marriage.

These bonds grow stronger by the day and for that reason, we have seen parents in their old age fully relying on their children for anything and everything. There is however an observation that I have made lately; a bigger percentage of women than men carry this bond to eternity. Daughters have proven to be pillars of hope in ensuring homes run even in the absence of either parent or even both.

Most of the men in this generation get their attention diverted as soon as they marry. Somehow, the new women in their lives decide which direction his attention will go and in most cases, it is to the benefit of her own parents and siblings. We find some husbands working hard to improve the lives of their parents-in-law while their real parents are living from hand to mouth.

Homesteads back in the village that lack working daughters are suffering a huge deal, especially when it's only the father who is still alive. Brothers have left the burden of their parents to their sisters.

Given a chance to call either their daughter or son for any help, a father will most likely call the daughter first. Not because the son will not be of any help but because daughters take every situation from their fathers as an emergency. The satisfaction women have in their hearts after assisting either parent is always out of this world.

Unfortunately as it may sound, the same women building their parents' homes are the same destroying their in-laws' homes by arm-twisting their husbands. There is a reason why someone thought it wise to come up with the term 'Kukaliwa chapati' to refer to women who have mastered the art of controlling their husbands.

It is probably right to say that women are a bitter sweet lot; they can make you a king as fast as they can turn you into a pauper.

As the month of June beckons, I urge all women not just to remember their fathers but also their fathers-in-law. This however does not only apply to women but to men as well, if you do not show any interest in your father, it is almost impossible for your wife to show any interest in him either.

I know some of these old folks can become a pain in the butt at times but worry not, it comes with old age. Embrace it. It's all out of love, one day when you will grow old you will realise it is very OK to call your child asking for money to go have one for the road with your friends.

Let's appreciate all fathers regardless of their age and location during the month of June as they are as important as mothers are. Our old folks might not know the impact the month has on them and they will never know if we never show them. Since the ball is somehow on our court as women, let's try and make it different this time. Let's put a smile on all father faces! Looking forward to a better June full of happy fathers.

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