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8 Reasons to oil your hair regularly

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Oiling the hair is an important regimen every woman should adhere to whether they are naturals or have chemicalised their hair. Before you apply the oil, however, it is important to note the scalp also generates its natural oil that nourishes your hair. Too much oil will block the pores. Here are the reasons regular oiling is important.

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1. It relaxes muscles: When you oil your scalp, you massage it and this is one way of keeping your nervous system healthy. An oil massage activates the vital points on the head, helping in relaxing your body, releasing tense muscles and calming your mind.

2. Headache relief: An oil massage is one of the best natural reliefs for headaches, especially if you use warm oil. Massaging the muscles on the scalp helps relieve a headache. Pressing certain points on the head helps relieve stress, increases blood circulation and eases muscle strain, which in essence can also relieve a headache.

3. Blood circulation: A head massage will increase blood circulation in and around your head, leading to better hair growth and stronger hair follicles.

4. Infection prevention: The oil components form a barrier against organisms that attack your scalp and help in getting rid of dirt and clogged pores which are potential breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Remember, however, to wash your hair regularly - a combination of stale oil, dirt and warmth is a thriving ground for bacteria.

5. Hair rejuvenation: For those who often straighten and color their hair, oiling the scalp is a must. It repairs damage caused by treatments, and restores the hair moisture content. It also calms an irritated scalp and repairs split ends and hair that is weak. Apply warm oil on the scalp then wrap a warm towel around it to intensify the treatment.

6. Natural shine: When you massage warm oil into your scalp and hair shaft, the hair absorbs the oil nutrients. The hair thus retains its moisture and acquires a healthy shine. Shine is the most attractive feature of healthy hair. When washing off oil, however, do not over-shampoo as this strips it of its moisture leading to dryness and dullness.

7. Growth: When you give your hair enough nourishment, it grows. Oil is a replenishing agent so regular oil massage helps regrow hair lost during curling, ironing and chemical treatments by strengthening the roots.

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8. Dandruff prevention: Dry scalp leads to dandruff, which leads to itching on the scalp, resulting in hair breakage. Massage your hair and scalp with enough hair oil. Massaging also helps glands produce oil.

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