Evewoman : How to help your child cope with a cold


How to help your child cope with a cold



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Make sure your child gets lots of sleep and encourage them to rest during the day.

Run the shower

A warm, moist atmosphere can ease breathing if your child has a blocked nose - take your child into the bathroom and run a hot bath or shower or use a vaporiser to humidify the air.

Plenty of fluids

Ensure your little one drinks plenty of fluids - water is fine but warm drinks can be soothing.


Paracetamol liquid or ibuprofen liquid can help ease a fever and pain - check the dosage instructions on the packaging and never give aspirin to children under 16 years old.

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Raise their pillow/bed

If they have a blocked nose you can make their breathing easier by raising the pillow end of your child's bed or cot by putting books or bricks under the legs, or placing a pillow under the mattress.*

*You should not put anything under the mattress of a baby younger than one year old.

Keep the temperature comfortable

Keep the room aired and at a comfortable temperature and don't let your child get too hot - if a small child or baby has a temperature then let them wear just a nappy or underwear.

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