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3 signs your partner is not the one


3 signs your partner is not the one

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We all dream of meeting the one person we belong with. But sometimes we spend too much time with the wrong one. Here are signs that your partner is not the one for you.

1. You have turned into an insecure wreck and start to feel jealous if they so much as visit the loo on their own. If you can’t believe them, trust your ­instincts and walk away.

2. He or she refuses to spend any time with your family or friends. You have to ask yourself how committed they are to your relationship – er, not very.

3. You cry more than you laugh! Life’s too short to spend time in a so-called ­‘exciting’ or ‘volatile’ relationship. This type of relationship doesn’t have legs. If you’re in it long term, run for the hills!

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