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4 reasons why you feel unusually tired

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Why you sometimes feel unusually tired

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Have you ever known that some of the things you do or don’t do can contribute to your body feeling weak and tired all day? Well, here are some of them and simple strategies on how to control them.

Lack of enough water in the body

If you don’t drink enough water, your body becomes dehydrated and your energy level goes down. Dehydration also causes a decrease in blood volume, which according to health experts makes your blood thicker.

This effect reduces the rate at which oxygen plus nutrients reach your muscles because your heart pumps blood less sufficiently. Therefore, it is important to stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking water at least five to eight glasses of water. This keeps you fresh and highly rejuvenated.

Consuming too much caffeine

Taking coffee or any other caffeinated beverage is not bad but when in excess, can have tremendous side effects. Caffeine can seriously disrupt your sleeping patterns if taken a few minutes before bedtime. You tend to struggle finding sleep and even if you do, waking up the next day becomes another task.

During the day, your body becomes unresponsive as it struggles also to stay alert because it is still tired. Try to cut caffeine intake by mid-afternoon. But if you feel like drinking something before you sleep, opt for things like fresh juice, water or anything that does not have caffeine, fat or excess sugar.

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Not exercising

Having regular exercise at least 30 to 40 minutes very early in the morning as you start your day can makes you feel more energized, boost your strength as your cardiovascular system functions more efficiently.

Studies on exercise science have shown that people who often exercise in the morning at least three times a week, tend to feel less tired and more energized during the day than those who don’t. Make exercise a priority in-between your tight schedule, to boost your energy level. Instead of slouching, go for a walk, jog if you can, or go for a swim.

Skipping breakfast

The first meal you take in the morning fuels your body giving it energy to carry on throughout the day. Imagine what not taking your breakfast will do to you. You tend to feel lazy, sluggish and tired because whatever you took for dinner the previous night has already been used.

 Eating a healthy breakfast will help kick-start your metabolism. Make it a routine to consume a breakfast that has lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains and fruits. Try also to avoid junk food. Most junk spikes blood sugar level, which causes fatigue.

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