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How 'Muachie Mungu' song earned me a wife

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GROOM: Gabriel Mwarome Mwamuye

BRIDE: Fridah Gacheri Kaburu

VENUE: Siloam Chapel, Bamburi, Mombasa

DATE:  August 30, 2014

BUDGET: Sh620,000

GUESTS: 1,000


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Fridah: It was on a Sunday in 2010, after church service at Siloam Chapel, Bamburi in Mombasa. As I was passing through the gate to go home, I felt a touch on my back. I turned and saw this handsome young man looking at me with a gentle smile on his face.

Shock on me... it was this man who sings my favourite Gospel song, “Muachie Mungu”. I couldn’t believe it. The plot thickened. He asked for my number! He called me later that evening and took me for dinner.

Gabriel: After seeing Fridah for some time in church, I gathered courage that Sunday to run after her and asked for her number. I took her out to dinner later that evening at the Sarova Whitesands. I scored a few marks here since she had never been hosted to a dinner at a beach hotel.



Gabriel: After our first date, I felt like seeing her over and over again. I made her my good friend and would express my feelings every chance I got. Four years down the line, I decided to propose to her because she became more than a friend to me.


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Fridah: Well... we can’t complain much since Gabriel decided to fund the wedding from his pocket, so we didn’t have to chase people around for cash. This also enabled him to go for the best suppliers who didn’t disappoint us.


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Fridah: Always keep God first in your plans, he never disappoints.

Gabriel: Plan wisely and don’t let people confuse you.


Fridah: I cannot really forget how I met this handsome Gabriel, because it was like a dream to me when he approached me. I personally like his music and how he sings in the church choir. So I really treasure all the moments we ever had...especially becoming his wife.

Gabriel: The time Fridah accepted my proposal was so touching to me. I never thought she would because she looked so strict. It’s so memorable to me.

WORDS AND PHOTOS: Maarufu Mohamed

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