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Nelima Bhoke:Passion and going an extra mile gets you there

Achieving Woman

After the excitement of graduation and celebrating the major achievement, the reality of walking from one office to another and sending countless job applications sets in.

However, with an open mind and a go-getter attitude like Nelima Bhoke’s, any opportunity is a chance to learn and put to work skills learnt over the years.

Although Bhoke graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Education degree from Kenyatta University, she did not hesitate when she got a chance to be a research assistant.

The company that contracted her may not have needed her services but she convinced her would-be bosses that her skills were valuable to the company.

“I knew there was something I could offer out there. I am not the kind who would let a chance slip away. Life has taught me that if you want something, you go full force on it. Finding a job as a new graduate in today’s competitive world is not easy. You have to have the skills, passion and be extremely determined,” says Bhoke.

 At the end of her contract, she joined another company to serve in the same position.

Although she was trained to be a secondary school teacher, Bhoke realised she was interested in jobs other than teaching.

She says: “University education is supposed to build you up intellectually. From there on, you can do anything you love doing, not necessarily what you studied. I love work that provokes my intellect. Teaching has never been a passion and I didn’t hesitate to go for what I wanted.”

Every time her contract ended, Bhoke found another job. With thousands of graduates wallowing in the streets, is it that she is lucky?

“Not really,” she says. “Anyone who has passion for something and goes the extra mile to search will eventually be rewarded.”

Last year, she graduated with an MSC in Policy and Administration. It took her 18 months to do her coursework and thesis.

She did not want to waste time in school while opportunities bypassed her. Bhoke is currently the project officer at Monar Strategic Limited.

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