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Trendy Ankara

For that edgy pop of colour and flavour, Ankara is your best bet

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Ankara patterns have proven to be an extremely important trend for the past few seasons, and is definitely here to stay. The bold motif, which was once exclusively associated with traditional African attire, has gone mainstream with fresh and modern styles. Now, both new and established designers are transforming modern pieces using the Ankara fabric. From oven mitts, aprons, make-up bags, to a pair of Ankara heels, here are some style inspiration on how you can rock new and modern trends of Ankara.

Photographer: Felix Kavii

Stylist assistant: Lucy Robi

Model: Cyprine

Accessories: Zuri Sana designs Facebook: ZuriSana Tel: 0700379554

Wardrobe: Laadia Reliques Stall No A1, City Market Stalls 0723134582


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