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Things couples do to avoid intimacy

What do you do when you're not in the mood? Watch a movie? Play a game? Indulge in your favourite meal? Here are the top five most common alternatives to sex...

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Not in the mood? Research shows the biggest alternative to sex is food!

Here are the five most popular things we do to avoid having sex...

1. Eat food

Do you eat to avoid sex? Research shows most couples do

Sometimes the thought of jumping into bed with your loved one is more than you can face; all that physical exertion, getting naked business, and mess to sort out afterwards. It’s no surprise then, that forgoing sex for food is high up on those displacement activities.

Chocolate anyone? Or would you rather scoff a whole pizza?

2. Watch movies

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When movies like 'Shame' and 'Nymphomaniac' exist, why waste your own energy doing the deed when you can get your kicks watching other people? Or you may prefer something altogether less sexy, and opt for the Harry Potter collection. Either way, snuggling up on the sofa in your favourite pyjamas and enjoying a good film, always makes a good alternative.

3. Play games online

Why waste time in the bedroom when you would be checking out all the cool stuff online and catching up with friends or indulging in online games which can be addictive.

The question is poker better than sex? Bingo better than a good old fashioned snog?

We guess it depends on your particular mood, but online games can quickly have you hooked.

4. Think about sex

Sometimes it's just not possible to engage in sex with your partner when you fancy it. After all, we do have other things we have to do, like a day job, housework, cooking, socializing, ferrying the children from point A to B… so thinking about sex instead of actually doing it, isn't that odd.

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In fact, men apparently think about sex every seven seconds, so it's a wonder they get anything else done at all!

5. Selfie sex

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Other people. They're great and everything, wonderful even, but there are times when we just want to be alone. Selfie sex involves none of the hassle of partner sex, no-one's fighting to get what they want first, no-one's getting it wrong, and there’s much less actual hardcore exertion involved; which makes it a great option if you 'sort of fancy it' but can’t really be bothered.


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