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Amileena Mwenesi, artiste: 'Love, learn and laugh'

You are one of the few former Tusker Project Fame contestants who are vibrant in the music scene. How do you manage to stay relevant?

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I continue to sing and do my best by God’s grace.

You have an initiative called the Girl Affair. Fill us in...

Girl Affair is a training and mentorship programme. We guide girls to find and hone their full potential. We teach them to respect and believe in themselves, to refresh their thinking and to re-evaluate their lives. We train them to work towards becoming active and confident contributors to the society. We want our mentees to be steadfast, honest, and hardworking individuals, with an outreach that will traverse the entire country.

How has been the audience’s reception to Naona Bado single?

So far, so good! It has given me the drive to work on more music. I plan to live, sing, pray, love and be happy in my lifetime. In fact, my mantra has always been: “Live to Love, Learn and Laugh plenty in between.”

Describe the kind of a woman that you are.

My personal trademark is ‘me’. I am beautiful, a lover of God, and the awesome life He has blessed me with. I have faith that Allah made no mistakes when He created us, and thus we should demonstrate a confidence in that faith to do whatsoever we desire and are capable of doing. My strongest trait is that I believe I am brilliant and have a big heart.

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What do you think defines a woman?

The strength of her heart.

How has being a woman made you get away with something?

Not having to stand in waiting rooms. Chivalry is not yet extinct. Big up to all the gentlemen out there.

Which famous woman would you wish women could emulate?

My mother and grandmother. They are the most amazing women I know. They have hearts of gold, heads of steel, wills to win and unwavering faith in God through it all. 

What things don’t many people know about you, yet they define you?

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I cannot get enough of my cooking and my mother’s as well, and when I want to unwind, sitting in silence and watching the skies does it. My love for God, my wonderful family and the innocence of little children never fails to put a smile on my face. Lastly, I cannot stand those who talk baseless smack, chew with their mouths open and the pretentious, boastful folk. 

What would you consider your greatest achievement?

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Finding peace in God and not being ashamed of it.

What advice would you give to women?

Be the best you can and trust that God has your best interests at heart.



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