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Tina Korosso speaks of her roots and her passion for radio

Tina KorossoTinah Korosso’s graduation from Rhema Bible College in Botswana was a significant pointer in the compass of her career.

“I am the fourth born and the firstborn daughter of Oscar and Rehema Korosso,” Tinah says.

“We are Tanzanians, but we had to move when my father got a coaching job in Botswana and South Africa.”

For much of her life, Tinah lived with her family in Botswana, as a born-again Christian. Her parents imparted her with Christian values.

With a diploma in Music and Theology, Tinah was ready to unleash her potential: which she did with a slot to represent her country, Tanzania, in Tusker Project Fame 1.

“I love singing. Even to date, I still do — only that my songs focus on issues to do with my faith. Project Fame was a stepping stone, but I had no desire to sing for the secular world.”

When she was evicted from the show, Tinah went back to Tanzania where she got a radio job at Cloud FM. While the troubles in her love life continued, she found solace behind her microphone at the studio.

“It was hard, but I had to persevere. There are times my husband threatened my career. He would call my cell, my office, and the studio line while I am on air. I braved the times because I knew where I wanted to be.”

Her entry into Kenyan airwaves came as a surprise. “I jetted in from Dar-es-salaam to audition for a slot at Pili Pili FM in Mombasa. The station was then setting up. I didn’t expect to be selected but after a while, I received a call from Najib Balala, the proprietor, telling me I had been selected.”

Tinah rose to become the programmes controller at Pili Pili. Her stay at the Mombasa-based station was short lived. She received a call from Radio Maisha’s managing editor Tom Japani, asking her to join his team in Nairobi.

“I took up the new challenge and I have never regretted my move to Nairobi. Radio is not just a job: it’s a ministry for me to impact lives. I am happy here,” she concludes.

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