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How to compliment your man


Men like women who appreciate and compliment. Complimenting him gives the idea that you like him and want the best for him. Given pointers, one can be able to tweak the message and perfect on delivery depending on the level of the relationship. Here are the six most appreciated kinds of compliments for men:

‘I will support you’: Men have dreams of being something other than what they are at that time. It could be his dream, hustle, drive, in doing his work or even a business. Show support verbally, or do things that show him that you support him. Ensure that once or twice you say you are doing a thing “A” in support of his X project. Men are not the best at reading in between the lines.

‘Thank you for helping me out in cleaning, shopping....’-This is more of acknowledging his efforts to do something even if it is around the house, like taking out the trash, or taking care of something that has you constantly worried like insurance, bills, and the likes. When he goes out of his way to do something to impress you, then, by all means, acknowledge it.  Love the gift he gives you, wear the shoes he bought you, if he took up something to be a better man for himself or for you, recognize that too.

‘I respect you’-Respect him as the man in the relationship whether or not you are you are bringing home the same amount of money. Is he duly providing and protecting to the best of his ability or even trying to do better?

Attach value to what they do even if it is something that they have been doing as routine. Thank him for what he does to make your life better even when you very well know it is his duty as a man. Does he encourage you and support your dream too? Tell him you value that. Or if he pays for your hair and ‘mani’ or ‘pedi’. Even a simple thank you goes a long way. ‘How are you doing? How is work?’ -Be interested in what he does or what goes on in life. It is easy for a woman to forego what is going on in the man’s life. Conversationally, ask how he is doing, how his day was and if he seems distant or like something is off, take time to listen to him if he wants to talk about it. Make it known to him that you are open to listening if he wants to talk about himself and give him time to be ready. Also, at least understand what he does for a living, both main and side hustle. It is a compliment that you find him interesting and his work interests you too.

‘You look handsome’-Compliment his appearance; even if you don’t think that your man is the hottest thing on the planet, there must be something that you like about his appearance. Say it. If he takes the effort to clean up (extra grooming), then once in a while mention it. His style is something else you can compliment. He might not be the most stylish man alive but do tell him when he has a nice shoe on or a pair of trousers you like, maybe the shirt too.


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