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My Man

A mother's joy, pain in raising a child with cerebral palsy

For Jennifer Nekesa, the path to understanding her daughter’s condition was a long and winding road fraught with challenges
By Ann Musungu 4h ago
Sexual pleasure faces stiff competition from all sorts of artificial gadgets. Science is already advanced enough to negate sex as a means of reproduction
By Dr Alfred Murage 6h ago
Studies by emotions scientists have found that feelings such as laughter, curiosity, amusement and awe have big health benefits on our immune system
By Jayne Rose Gacheri Apr. 18, 2024
Tattoos hold diverse cultural significance worldwide, symbolising status, rites of passage or declarations of love. Yet, beyond the cultural allure, tattoos pose health risks worth considering
By Ryan Kerubo Apr. 18, 2024
Ever nailed a presentation, then spent the entire evening convinced everyone thinks you're a fake? You're not alone
By Eve Waruingi Apr. 17, 2024
Fertility is not always guaranteed. Even in the best of circumstances when a couple is fertile, they have less than a 10 per cent chance of getting pregnant every month
By Noel Nabiswa Apr. 17, 2024
The answer, as with most things in love, is far more nuanced than a simple yes or no
By Eve Waruingi Apr. 17, 2024
Schools closed over a week ago, and if you have children in lower, and upper grades, and teenagers, you might be experiencing some tsunami in your household
By Jayne Rose Gacheri Apr. 16, 2024
Content creator Diana Chacha revealed for the first time her experience with miscarriage in 2023. Chacha shared the challenges she faced during her journey into motherhood to this point
By Fay Ngina Apr. 16, 2024
Here are some practical tips to ensure a safe and successful shopping experience
By Esther Muchene Apr. 14, 2024
In an industry defined by fleeting trends and excess, Nyandisa is forging a path that celebrates personal expression and environmental responsibility
By Ann Musungu Apr. 13, 2024
I’m currently in a long-distance relationship because my husband’s working abroad. And we’re struggling! How can we get things to work better?
By Chris Hart Apr. 13, 2024