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My Man

What to do when facing family rejection

Whether it is a parent who disapproves of your life choices, a sibling who refuses to speak to you, or extended family members who exclude you from family gatherings, rejection can be devastating
By Esther Muchene 16h ago
I am going to college soon but I worry about leaving my form four sweetheart back home. Can I make new friends and stay close to my absent boyfriend?
By Chris Hart Mar. 18, 2023
Today’s educated, sophisticated and successful women are willing to share a man and knowingly get into a polygamous union
By Annie Awuor Mar. 18, 2023
Why is it that the majority of Kenyan men are expected to die in the prime of their lives in comparison to women?
By Dr Alfred Murage Mar. 17, 2023
Fear mainly confronts you whenever you embark on a journey to achieve something significant. So, how do you overcome this challenge?
By Bishop David Muriithi Mar. 17, 2023
It is an undeniable fact that women make the world go round. Actually, in all fairness to our men, each species depends on its female folk to ensure continuity
By Elvinah Obuya Mar. 17, 2023
When you constantly listen to that inner voice that seems to hold you back or hold on to habits that keep you away from your desires, you are simply undermining your way to success
By Standard Reporter Mar. 16, 2023
The fact that statistics of divorce among the elitist niche indicate rising figures puts to question the effectiveness of the profession in achieving the intended results
By Elvinah Obuya Mar. 16, 2023
If your excuse for neglecting to cleanse is that cleansers are expensive, it's time to look for a new excuse
By Eve Writer Mar. 15, 2023
Both women and men should decide early in life if they want to have children, as the chance of conceiving and raising healthy children becomes narrower as they approach 40
By Nancy Nzau Mar. 15, 2023
Body piercing is a great way of expressing your unique personality and sense of beauty, but it can quickly turn into a health problem if your piercing develops an infection
By Eve Writer Mar. 14, 2023
Why do women hate each other? Why? At this rate, I feel that we should have a sort of women’s conference, air out our issues, woman-to-woman
By Eve Waruingi Mar. 14, 2023