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What lies beyond the mini skirt

Lady Speak
 Photo; Courtesy

In all high-end hotels , waitress wear short skirts as part of their uniforms. The basic reason for a short skirt and low shoes is to make their service more swift and easier , since high shoes as much as they may enhance their feminine is tiring bearing in mind the time they spend standing .

It’s is moreover a marketing tool since there are those clients who frequent a place because of what they see. This is true to males mostly. Does this make them immoral or subject promoting the vice?

Apparently in the gone days hotel was seen as an immoral place and the ladies offering service to earn a living being mistaken for being loose morally. They faced sexual harassment with no one to defend them since it was their choice of work  and had to dealt with it.

It was not a strange thing for a client to make uncouth advances to waitress’s  and  if they resisted ,they were  threatened with being reported to the boss.

Not only did the client make advances to you and expect you to go to his room after duty but even colleagues including managers, expected some sort of “treat” from the women working in the hotel, worse is when the bosses threatened with firing you, it wasn’t a wonder to pay in kind for your promotion, those who were courageous left the job but there are those who couldn’t since they didn’t know where another will come from.

 You would hear them comment on how they loved seeing us in our tiny skirts” said one old lady who used to work in hotel.

But currently, people seem to have been enlightened and respect the career choice and know those tiny skirts is part of their uniform just the same way the army wear their combats. It being a hospitality industry having beautiful, pleasant and smart ladies at the front of the office is a plus for the hotel.

Since they understand the concept of up selling, they have also embraced their profession and the kind of uniform they wear thus appearing comfortable and confident with what they do.

However there are people who still equate these short skirts to immorality.  Most of the prestigious hotels in Kenya and globally however, have put measures to ensure that their ladies mostly waitress and room attendants are protected.

Most have now ensured that on each floor there are security personnel among other measures in place, though there are still several  cases where the employee is ‘compensated by the hotel/client’ so as to protect the hotel or the client image while the victims are left traumatized and others even end up committing suicide.

Asked if they have come across clients who still interpret these as an immoral industry, one waitress gave a recent ordeal, she works in a five star hotel in Nairobi she said, “there are those who still think so, just the other day we had dinner for one of the respected sectors in this Country, during the briefing we were informed it’s the most disciplined sector but it turned to be opposite because as I was clearing one of the tables one man run his hands on my legs, I got shocked and dropped the hot plate on the table and asked him why  he did that (while still smiling) and said he just wanted to order a drink, I looked at my legs and told him that I couldn’t see any ears there, he threatened to inform the manager and I informed him we had cctv , that’s when he apologized and placed his order but to teach him a lesson no one served him any other drink , hope he learnt to respect waitresses and know we are here to make a living just like any other employee in their post of duty”

Therefore when you see those beautiful ladies in their short skirts, smiling from Mombasa to Kisumu be nice and respect them because they are trying to make end meets in an honest way.

They are someone’s daughter, mother, wife…. Making a descent living and abiding with the rules of the industry, even if they open that brown bottle and pour it in the right glass perfectly remember they also spent a fortune to learn that art.

Bearing we are headed to festive seasons the skirts may seem even shorter depending on what influence the client will be under.

This kind of dressing have been adopted in the entire hospitality and airlines industry, in order to make service delivery swift and entice their client. As the saying goes (First impression is the lasting impression) appreciate their service and make their life easier.

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