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EACC raids on homes, offices draconian
By Athembo Onyura | Updated Jan 10, 2016 at 09:31 EAT

We have laws allowing EACC and other law enforcement officials to search suspects' homes and offices with and or without exparte court orders if need be.

But those laws always turn out to be draconian when ruthlessly and arbitrarily applied.

EACC sleuths seem to have perfected that. The street melodrama between EACC sleuths and armed traffic police officers summed up the draconian use of those beautiful laws. Whether armed with or without court orders and guns, EACC sleuths should find more humane, civilised, professional and friendly ways of arresting and/or raiding homes and offices. Not many, if at all, have been taken to court with exhibits from homes. That also tells a lot about the methodology.

Judges and magistrates who give EACC orders to raid homes and offices should give stringent conditions to ensure they are not applied in a draconian manner.

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