Ngirici breaks silence on video of altercation she had with motorist

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Sep 3rd 2019 at 12:21
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Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Ngirici has spoken out after a video of an altercation she had with a motorist went viral.

In the video, an unidentified man gets out of his car and scolds the legislator for flaunting traffic rules.

“Shame on you! You are a grown woman! What the hell is this car?! Follow the rules! And you’re coming here to try and punch me?” he says.

On Tuesday, Ngirici took to social media to comment on the matter and admitted that she was on the wrong.

Further, she stated that she apologised and was thankful to the motorist for correcting her.

“Going by the clip making rounds on social media - Yes, sometime back I had an incident involving overlapping on the road.

“Sometimes, even leaders are reminded by the citizens about the society and its values.

“I took the lesson, appreciated and apologized accordingly,” she said.

Adding: “To grow together as one cohesive and harmonious society, we must remind and correct each other whenever we go wrong or make mistakes.”

The man in the video has since been identified as Oluoch Dickens and through a Facebook post, he narrated what actually happened.

“This happened last week. I was in an Uber around Kilimani area headed to my brother’s house in Kitale Lane when a black Nissan 4 by 4 started to overlap as traffic was heavy and almost hit head on an incoming mac.

“A woman out from the back seat and accompanied by a woman and man who looked like her body guards came out and she started insulting the mac driver demanding that she comes out of the car…she was very abusive.” he said.

Dickens added that he was in a lot of pain having undergone and operation recently but got out of the car and gave the woman (Ngirici) a piece of his mind.

“I did not know who she was but could put that face to a noisy politician…couldn't just tell…her team tried to confront me but I stood my ground though in a lot of pain and didn’t allow them to know.

“We all must obey the law,” he said.

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