Tips to help identify the best wine for you

It might take a while to find what you love but it will be worth it (Photo: Courtesy)

The journey to finding the best wine for you can be a long and tough one. While everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the flavors they like, it can still be very confusing to translate that to a wine you like.

Maybe by now you are tired of making wild guesses when you are choosing a glass or bottle to buy but we are here to help.

It might take a while to find what you will love, but the journey will be worth it with these few guidelines:

  • Know what to look for

It can be very hard for a beginner to understand the difference between good wine and wine that is not so great. You will keep hearing all these sophisticated words and at the end of it all, you will still be in the dark about what they all mean.

It is important that you research on what the wine experts have to say because that is how you will have in depth knowledge. You will be able to notice details like how to check where the wine comes from and the hues to look for.

  • Pick your flavors

Analyze the types of flavors that excite your taste buds the most. If you enjoy earthy flavors like coffee or strong oak, chances are you will be more drawn to a wine that is along those notes. If you enjoy something sweet, explore more wines that can cater to your sweet tooth. And if you prefer something with a tangy flavor, you might enjoy dry wine selections.

Since there are thousands of wines to choose from, it helps to narrow down on what your specific flavor preferences are. You can even read the labels on the bottles to see if they align with what you might like before you buy.

Don't be scared of taking recommendations from friends (Photo: Courtesy)
  • Try it out for yourself

The best part about finding your fav wine is the taste and scent tests. You need to see how they interact with your senses and whether they meet your expectations.

Test everything from the aroma of the wine to the flavors. You can even go for wine tasting events with your buddies to learn more about wine as you search for your top picks.

  • Take note of the most memorable ones

There are those wines that immediately remind you of of a warm summer day and those that just make you want to experience a cozy night indoors. And there are also those that even spark some special emotions because they interact perfectly with all your senses.

Factor in and mark the aromas and flavors you are getting with each and choose the ones that you enjoy the most.

You can even go an extra step by journaling your experience in case you want to transform yourself into the ultimate wine expert. Yes, people do that actually.

  • Be open to recommendations

Get some tips from other wine enthusiasts, friends or even experts who can help you find the best wine for you.

Be open to trying something new because you might experience some exciting and unexpected surprises if you are just doing it alone.