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KTN Home flashback: 5 TV shows we never forget

I was scrolling TikTok on the commute to work, I saw a clip that had compiled all of DJ Shiti's funny moments from his stint on the wildly popular Real House helps of Kawangware. The clip gave me and the 45,000 others who watched it a pang of acute nostalgia. In a world where entertainment is a click away, one cannot help but reminisce on the good old days.

Take a walk with me down memory lane ... way back, before smartphones were a widespread necessity, back when recording shows was not an option, and we used to run from school to catch our favourite cartoons on Club Kiboko. Back when our mothers were so enchanted by the 6pm soap operas that they did not move till the end credits rolled.

Here are five things that aired on KTN that everyone definitely remembers.

1) The Real Househelps of Kawangware

This show that aired at 7:30pm every day was a parody of the Real Housewives franchise. It highlighted what went on behind the scenes of the people that no one gives a second thought to. The house helps, the watchmen, the hawkers and the 'mama fuas' of the estate had their moment in the sun.

TRHK gave us many of our beloved stars, including Timothy Kimani alias 'Njugush' who played a hawker and Steven Oduor, who played the role of 'DJ Shiti'. To date, they are still well-known and widely beloved by the Kenyan public.

2) Junior

Junior was a popular family show that aired every Sunday at 7.30pm. It followed, Junior, the youngest child in a family of five; and his siblings through their everyday lives and drama.

It explored the dynamics between siblings as regardless of the number of times that they squabbled and fought, they always had each other's back.

This has resonated with many a Kenyan watcher, garnering the cast of the show widespread fame.

3) Club Kiboko

If you stopped a twenty-two-year-old on the road and asked them what their favourite children's show was growing up, there is a ninety per cent chance that it was Club Kiboko.

Claire, a 24-year-old, fondly remembers the mad rush to get home from school to watch the cartoons that aired on Club Kiboko at 4,15pm.

Her sister confirmed this, adding she can still remember the theme song from Angels Friends, one of the cartoons that aired at the time.

Trevor,23, agrees; adding that Club Kiboko was where his love of animation started. He is about to graduate with a degree in Film and Animation as a result. He remembers waking up early on Saturday mornings to make sure he did not miss a single episode.

4) Jicho Pevu

Journalist Mohammed Ali constantly flirted with danger to bring Kenyans one of the best investigative shows that has ever graced TV screens; Jicho Pevu. It gained fame for uncovering secrets for the ordinary 'mwananchi.'

Mohammed was hailed for fearlessly going after key political figures in the country, uncovering scandals and underhanded deals. He has been very public about how dangerous it was for both him and his family.

While he has since turned to politics, this show will go down in history as one of the best investigative shows ever.

5) Game Shows

The stakes are high and winner takes all!

Nothing beats a good game show when it comes to second-hand adrenaline. KTN has always been the home of top-tier game shows, such as the classic 'Who's Smarter Now' to the Big Quiz. Others that have recently aired are 'I Can Sing' and 'I Can Dance', and there's the brand new, 'The Couples Show'.

TV entertainment will never go out of style. KTN, the home of entertainment, has rebranded and is coming back bigger and better with more of everything that makes it so dear to us.

Gear up for an unforgettable watching experience!

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