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No one will be spared pain of cost of living


It is very surprising that these people imagined that would still come out unscathed, regardless of how they voted on the floor of the house. They must hold a very low view of the rest of us.

Several months after the rest of us started feeling the pinch of the rising cost of living, it seems to have finally gotten to the doorsteps of our leaders. The taste may be different, but it is a pinch, nonetheless served in the form of the ground getting hostile.

These same individuals who thought that by whining about the plan to raise taxes we were being stubborn and supportive of the regime’s agenda, are now feeling the outcome of their positions. Of course, unlike the rest of us, it might not be in their wallets, thanks to their generous paychecks but it is more of the contagion effect of what everyone is feeling. If it continues unabated, it will obviously hit their pockets too.

Apparently, these are the same individuals who, in broad daylight, were against protests online and everywhere else, chose to vote in support of the punitive tax measures, in full knowledge of the public mood and likely consequences. Their surprise about the turn of events and supposed ‘hostility’ says something about how out of touch these characters are with the circumstances of the majority. It appears as if they expected that it would soon be water under the bridge; and they would be back to harvesting praises for a good job done and getting hugged and being told sweet nothings for the actions.

For individuals who are used to adulation and crowds cheering and singing for them, this situation must be very distressing. Now they find themselves in unfamiliar territory, in the midst of people who do not even want to see them as they are part of the reason for their situations. The best part is that they brought it upon themselves in the belief that they were safe from it all. They thought that talking about taxation and the runaway cost of living would just be a good and intelligent-sounding thing – so distant. But alas! The waves finally brought it to their shores as well.

It is very surprising that these people imagined that would still come out unscathed, regardless of how they voted on the floor of the house. They must hold a very low view of the rest of us who vote them in. That they can repeatedly fail us and fall short of our expectations, acting contrary to what is clearly in our best interests and still expect that we would do nothing about it, or quickly forget about it. Surely, how would they still stay popular in the current circumstance that they have largely contributed to landing us in? They need to pick a struggle – to take care of the interests of their parties or the people.

Be as it may, the suffering may be widespread, but the beauty of it all is that it does serve these leaders, especially, right. Let us all have a taste of the suffering. Hopefully, the lesson is learnt – to think about the bigger picture, beyond instant gratification in future. To think about what they do for expediency might turn around and chew them up. The only hope is that the voting majority does not move on and keep the small fire glowing under these individuals.


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