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Things you need to know before buying an air fryer

 Air fryers are likely to improve your cooking experience (Photo: Courtesy)

By now, you might have spotted air fryers on commercials or even at electrical appliance aisle at the store. They’ve become so popular over the last few years and right now many people can’t wait to get their hands on one.

Since they’re still relatively new, many of us are wondering what they do and how they can improve the cooking experience. While some people have already tried and loved the benefits they bring, others aren’t really rushing to buy one anytime soon.

There is still a lot to be discovered.

With these few pointers here is what you need to know about them:

They’re not just for fries

For some reason, air fryers and fries have always been associated with each other. Well, fries are definitely a favorite snack for many but, there is so much more you can prepare if you have one of these devices.

They can handle almost everything from chicken, fish, cookies, vegetables and even popcorn. They’ve been designed to handle different types of food so at least you know it’s not just something meant for fries.

They are a great time saver

No one would choose to slave in the kitchen for hours when there is an easier, faster way to get things done. People have discovered that with air fryers, cooking time can be cut by half because the new technology is more efficient.

When you’re first learning how to use one, you might burn your food a few times before you adjust to how fast food gets ready.

You therefore need to throw an eye constantly or set a timer every time you use it prepare dinner until you come up to speed.

 Air fryers work differently, always remember to read the user manual (Photo: Courtesy)
They might not work for big meals

While these new devices help you prepare your food more efficiently, they’re not exactly the best option if you prepare big meals daily.

You can choose to buy a bigger fryer but some people have a hard time getting bigger quantities of food to cook evenly and it’s also challenging to cook one thing at a time.

Reading instructions is key

You might assume that it’s just like using an oven or microwave but it is not. Air fryers are different and they come with specific instructions that will help you learn how to use them the right way.

It would be a good idea if you checked out cooking recommendations and hacks that will show you how to prepare different meals properly which will make your experience much better.

It might take time for you to adjust your recipes but you will slowly get used to it. And remember, don’t throw the manual away too soon because you may need it.

There are still some health concerns

The main idea of air frying is to have a smoother process during cooking while also bringing in the concept of eating healthy. Depending on what you’re planning to make, you can prepare perfect meals without using a single drop of oil which is a great alternative to frying foods the normal way.

At the same time, there is some evidence that suggests a higher risk of cancer when you prepare high fat and high protein foods using air fryers. And, there could also be decreased air quality if your kitchen isn’t well ventilated.

So before jumping onto this bandwagon, you have some thinking and more digging to do to determine if it is a life and death situation if you don’t get one and how it will be of benefit.

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