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Five common mistakes to avoid when grilling chicken


A lot of work goes into getting a perfectly done grilled-chicken serving. It has to be juicy, have some glaze, not burnt and be well cooked from all corners.

However, before you hack this magic, you'll have to revisit your preparation and cooking steps. Here is what you should stop doing if you want to get the perfect, tender and tasteful grilled chicken.

Failing to brine it

Brining involves putting meat into a solution of water and salt or other flavors and juices. Not only does it tenderize the meat, but also ensures the flavor of the solution enters into the depths of the raw meat, such that it shall exhibit it in the taste.

Even if you have limited time, try and ensure you brine your chicken at least an hour to putting it to the grill for better results.

Failing to marinate

In most cases, we try to forego this step since we can substitute it with barbecue sauces. Unfortunately, it doesn't work even twice as good as you may think it does.

Marinating the chicken and rubbing in the spices ensures its more flavorful and tender. You can also use this marinade as you grill the chicken, brushing it with it from time to time to enhance the glaze.

Cooking uneven flat portions

One of the reasons why your chicken may be unevenly cooked is because the pieces were uneven.

Especially referring to the chicken breasts, use a kitchen mallet to flatten the meat pieces. It increases the surface area and will give you a guarantee on the chicken getting ready evenly.

Cooking under too much or too little heat

Unlike soups, grilling chicken is not a practice where you just toss and go. You have to constantly be on the check, as you regulate the heat.

On your grill, put the heat on medium-high and start off the chicken on low then transfer it there. This process will hell to prevent you from charring the whole chicken.

Not checking for its doneness

Failing to double check on the chicken's doneness can give you false results. You may end up heading to serve your chicken only to find it raw in the middle.

Be sure to use a thermometer, poking the chicken so as to know whether it is the correct doneness as per the recipe. After this clarification, you can serve without the worry of food poisoning.

Keeping in mind these precautions will save you a big deal next time you want to prepare grilled chicken. All these will give you the best grilled chicken you've ever had. 

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