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Tanzanian singer Mbosso opens up on battling chronic heart condition

Health & Science
 Tanzanian singer Mbosso. 

Bongo Flava star Mbosso has opened up on battling a chronic heart condition that he acquired from birth.

Speaking on the condition for the first time in a recent interview on Wasafi media, the celebrated singer explained that he suffers from a heart condition that often leaves him with excruciating pain in his chest as well as uncontrollable hand twitching.

"I have a very big problem with my heart but I thank God that I am able to exercise and atleast keep fit. Although I get strength from regular exercises, the same exercise causes me so much pain. I can go to bed sometimes and wake up with so much pain on my left side," he said.

The Baikoko singer said he had the disease since birth, and only his closest friends knew about it, including his boss Diamond Platnumz.

"It's a condition that I have had for a really long time and only those closest to me are aware. My mom knows, the women I parent with know because sometimes when we we're just chilling at night I get the attacks and I have to share what I am experiencing.

"One of my bosses knew, Diamond knows, I told only him because I find it very hard to share my personal life with people. But I thank God because I am currently feeling much better," he said.

Mbosso said his condition is a result of an accumulation of fat in his veins that has ended up blocking the flow of blood in some parts of his body and that it is hereditary.

"I've been told this condition is due to accumulation of fat in my veins that hinders seamless flow of blood in my body. This condition didn't start the other day, I was born with it. It's also the cause if my hand twitching. I can't hold anything in my hand for a long time. Nilijaribu kufuatilia nikaambiwa ni ugonjwa ambao uko kwenye Familia but was advised to just carry on with frequent work outs," said Mbosso.

About the treatment, Mbosso said he had been referred to specialists, and he'll be traveling to meet with them. 

"My health is perfect but there are things I haven't put in place before I decide to leave as they have informed me that if I go there I'll stay for a long time," explained Mbosso.

If Mbosso's condition remains untreated, the Bongo star stated that he runs the risk of being infertile at the age of 30.

"The truth is I am suffering from a serious heart condition and I'm sometimes in excruciating pain and can't even sleep well. It's an issue that worries me constantly. If my condition goes without treatment I can get to 30 years and it will be worse and can even cause me to never have children ever again."

The Mtaalam crooner first shared about his condition about a year ago, where he explained the reason for his excessive hand twitching.

"So the other day I was being interviewed on Wasafi Radio and I spoke about the problem I had with my hands, the twitching. You won't believe that over 50 people came to my DM to suggest remedies that I could try out and I am so grateful," he said.

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