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Five workout moves you can do at home

Crazy World
 There are so many workout routines you can try at home (Photo: Courtesy)

What I appreciate about fitness is, everyone’s journey is their own. Our bodies are different and we have different goals so everyone is free to customize their diet and workout routines.

And that is probably one of the reasons people love home workouts so much. We don’t always have time to go to the gym and if you stay consistent with your workouts you can actually get the desired results for free at your own convenience.

There are so many amazing workout moves you can try and these are some of the most effective ones you should consider adding to your list:

Jump rope cardio

For many people, skipping is something they only did while they were in primary school during a fun P. E class. And even during those days, you could feel how exhausting it was because it is good cardio for the body.

Aside from aiding in weight loss and toning, you are getting other benefits like improved cardio vascular health. It might look like child’s play for the first few minutes but as you hit the 10- or 20-minute mark, you will feel the real burn.

Jumping rope is definitely something you should try at home this year.

Donkey kicks

Donkey kicks are a very effective leg work out because they tone your glutes and booty while exercising your arms and core at the same time.

This is a simple exercise to do and it’s a great alternative to other complicated leg workouts if you have weak knees.

To do this, you will need a soft surface like a yoga mat. You will then go on all fours then lift one leg at a time with your heels pointed upwards.

 Exercising at the comfort of your home can be fulfilling (Photo: Courtesy)
Indoor jogging

You don’t have to go outside to enjoy a great jog. And neither do you need to buy any expensive equipment to keep you fit because indoor jogging is here to give you the boost you need.

With this workout, you can easily customize your jogging session by increasing or reducing the speed and you can still choose to get instructions from different indoor jogging tutorials. You can enjoy this workout anytime even on a rainy day.

Air punches

Doing air punches regularly is a good upper body workout If you want to tone your body without looking buff.

Doing this consistently will give you defined triceps, biceps and a toned back so this is something you should add to your routine soon.

You can try do a 30-day challenge or add it as part of your weekly routine.


Plank workouts are still very popular since they are a very effective exercise for strong abs and arms. They are usually challenging to do but once you train your body to adapt and start seeing the positive changes, you will love them.

There are different types of planks you can do including the common classic plank, that you might have seen or tried before, side planks, plank jacks, spider planks and so many other variations you can try.

Before you get started with home workouts though, your first priority should be preventing any injuries so it’s best to research on how to do any home workouts correctly.

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