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Time, chance happens to all: Don't worry too much about 2023

In other words, 2023 is in our hands. How it will turn out in the end, is up to us
By Andrew Kipkemboi Jan. 2, 2023
Don’t be lied to, media is down, but not yet out. Not that we - media practitioners - are without blame.
By Andrew Kipkemboi Dec. 11, 2022
The beauty of football is not in the magical moves of wonder players. It is in its ability to transcend race, gender, religion, language and creed
By Andrew Kipkemboi Dec. 5, 2022
In the villages, the wild fruits that many of us feasted on over lunchtime in primary school are no more, the rivers that we swum in during the school holidays have dried up.
By Andrew Kipkemboi Nov. 14, 2022
The bewildering interest of the 5,000 applications for 51 PS positions is an indication of a squeezed labour market and less of the allure of securing a job in government.
By Andrew Kipkemboi Nov. 7, 2022
The nearly 2,000 people who will come into government with him as appointees is a drop in the ocean of the 700,000 mostly career civil servants who will determine his success or failure.
By Andrew Kipkemboi Oct. 31, 2022
Among the 24 men and women who stand to be appointed to his Cabinet, I see a few who could stand up to him and tell him he is wrong.
By Andrew Kipkemboi Oct. 24, 2022
An MP's salary is Sh710,000 , one of the highest-paying jobs in Kenya.
By Andrew Kipkemboi Oct. 10, 2022
The journey to Kenya’s nirvana is hindered by a host of psychosocial factors which Dr Ruto will have to confront to move the agenda forward.
By Andrew Kipkemboi Oct. 3, 2022
Dr William Ruto remains a front runner in the race to succeed President Kenyatta.
By Andrew Kipkemboi
Mar. 21, 2022
The muting of the bottom-up ideology highlights the folly of relying solely on a politician’s will to change the course of things.
By Andrew Kipkemboi
Mar. 14, 2022
Tabitha Karanja's biggest mistake, (she and many others believe), is aligning with Deputy President William Ruto’s UDA political side.
By Andrew Kipkemboi
Mar. 7, 2022