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Expect to eat more omena in the near future

Through Kenya Fish Marketing Authority, the government has approached JKUAT to assist in making Kenyans enjoy eating fish. 
By Stephen Mburu Sep. 24, 2023
I am currently volunteering with Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Kenya. I am a peer educator. I am passionate about helping young people (my peers) practice safe sex.
By Gardy Chacha Sep. 15, 2023
190 110 760 male condoms distributed in 2021 against a need of 424 million male condoms. 3, 090, 000 million female distributed in 2021 against a need of 8 206 345 female condoms.
By Rosa Agutu Sep. 14, 2023
Humans appear to have an almost inexplicable attraction to harmful habits, eventually ending up with suffering and premature deaths.
By Dr Alfred Murage Sep. 10, 2023
There’s an ethical principle called medical candour, which should be upheld by every medic. Any medic who finds it hard to share medical details with patients should be in a different profession.
By Dr Alfred Murage Sep. 5, 2023
When should you be concerned about passing gas? If you notice that you are passing too much gas, and getting bloated and uncomfortable, you may need to seek some help.
By Dr Alfred Murage Aug. 30, 2023
Humans continue to play a major role in medicine and algorithms driving AI medical applications must initially be coded by humans.
By Dr Alfred Murage Aug. 24, 2023
According to the residents, the facility which was constructed in 2007, has been lacking water for the last 16 years.
By Anne Atieno Aug. 15, 2023
It’s sad that many people of reproductive age especially youth and adolescents continue to suffer in silence.
By Nelly Munyasia Jul. 29, 2023
Your doctor cannot read your mind. They can only make deductions from what you volunteer. But what you hold back may be critical to guiding your diagnosis.
By Dr Alfred Murage Jul. 13, 2023
Across 10 counties studied, Mandera stands out with an astonishing 44.7 per cent of men who have never engaged in sexual intercourse.
By Benjamin Imende Jul. 10, 2023
The baby started crying loudly while still in the womb. The cries stopped after the baby came out, smiled wryly, before collapsing into a deep slumber.
By Dr Alfred Murage Jun. 19, 2023