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Five daily habits to banish gas pains

Whether it’s the dreaded food baby or the uncomfortable belly balloon, bloating is a universal discomfort many of us wish to banish
By Ryan Kerubo 2024-05-07 09:00:00
The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions carrots is the improved eyesight that comes with eating enough of them
By Ann Veronicah 2024-04-10 11:00:00
Research shows that a significant number of Kenyans eat a lot of meat, especially beef. But which of the two is nutritionally superior, and is animal protein that bad for you?
By Ryan Kerubo 2024-03-27 09:30:00
Chewing gum offers excellent digestive health benefits. One study concluded that chewing gum suppresses appetite, especially the desire for sweets and reduces snack intake
By Ryan Kerubo 2024-03-19 10:30:00
Studies have found a direct correlation between the consumption of ultra-processed foods and several health problems, such as cancer, death and different disorders
By Rayaan Mukhtar 2024-03-16 08:00:00
You might think it's impossible to drink too much water, but it can lead to water poisoning and intoxication
By Esther Muchene 2024-02-28 08:00:00
Although most people may take lemon water because it is delicious, it also comes with some health benefits linked to it
By Lolita Bunde 2024-02-26 09:00:00
Healthy weight gain requires a balanced diet loaded with protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates
By Nancy Nzau 2023-11-29 08:30:00
Healthy weight gain requires a balanced diet loaded with protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Here are some of the best foods to help you gain weight
By Nancy Nzau 2023-11-21 12:00:00
Eating more vegetables helps reduce stunting, wasting & underweight in children, the sick and the elderly
By Rosa Agutu 2023-11-08 09:00:00
Tea has not only been proven to calm nerves, it also offers nutritional and antioxidant benefits for your body, according to research
By Nancy Nzau 2023-11-02 11:30:00
Eating ultra-processed foods (UPFs) could lead to an addiction disorder, a new study suggests, prompting calls for some products to be labelled as addictive
By Nancy Nzau 2023-10-31 11:00:00