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Make these dietary and lifestyle changes to ward off heartburn

If you have to avoid bending over too soon after meals to prevent the miserable sensation of acid reflux, you’re not alone
By Nancy Nzau 12h ago
Grapes are an interesting fruit as they can be consumed in different forms. They can be dried up to form raisins or transformed into jellies, juices or wine
By Ann Veronicah Jul. 14, 2023
Pineapples can be eaten raw after slicing it into strips, grilled or baked. You will notice that this fruit is served alongside most foods because of its impressive nutrient profile
By Ann Veronicah Jun. 16, 2023
Meal prepping is a great way to save time and money while also ensuring that you eat healthy and nutritious meals throughout the week
By Lolita Bunde Apr. 25, 2023
Staying hydrated depends on many factors other than climate; your fluid intake, your diet and your level of activity are three important ones
By Rodgers Otiso
Mar. 1, 2023
Few people who practice self-control can say they can avoid fries, pizza, and drinks throughout the holiday season, but for the majority of us, it's a different story
By Esther Muchene
Dec. 22, 2022
December is the time when most don't fret over going all out on everything, especially the food and whiskey, then comes the regret in January
By Eve Waruingi
Dec. 20, 2022
It's clear that staying committed to healthy eating is complex, especially with how tasty and readily junk foods are
By Esther Muchene
Dec. 15, 2022
Did you know a high-sugar, high-fat diet in childhood can have negative effects later in life even with healthier adjustments in adulthood?
By Nancy Nzalambi
Oct. 15, 2022
Not unless your intention is to get wasted then here is how to keep things light and fun while enjoying your drinks
By Mate Tongola
Jul. 28, 2022
If you're already planning to prepare your next snack after you've just had one a few minutes earlier, there's something you might be doing wrong
By Esther Muchene
Jul. 21, 2022
Before you become an expert at meal prepping, it takes a while. But we're here to help with some tips on how you can have an easier time
By Esther Muchene
Jul. 12, 2022