Online therapy for those stressed over coronavirus

Egyptian firm Shezlong has offered 150,000 free therapy sessions
As the spread of coronavirus grows, so too has people's stress levels and anxieties.

This has prompted businesses around the world to turn to technology to help the most vulnerable cope with mental health issues.

In Egypt, online therapy social enterprise Shezlong has offered 150,000 free sessions to help people cope with anxiety or depression, or those suffering from "pseudo coronavirus" where people are convinced they have COVID-19 although they do not.

Online clients

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Hard Feelings, a Canadian social enterprise that aims to make therapy more accessible by offering low-cost counselling sessions, has closed its Toronto store and its counsellors will be speaking to clients online.

In Britain, a group of qualified therapists have set up a volunteering scheme called the Help Hub, offering free 20-minute Skype, FaceTime or telephone calls to vulnerable people in need of mental health support.

Meanwhile in the United States, online therapy platform Talkspace, a company with more than one million users, is donating a free month of therapy to 1,000 healthcare workers fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

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"With negative news coming from media outlets about coronavirus, people are getting more stressed and panicked and more and more people will need psychological support," Shezlong founder Ahmed Abu ElHaz told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

About 1,500 free sessions have been given since the three-month initiative launched in March in Egypt, which has more than 400 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 20 deaths, according to data from the Johns Hopkins coronavirus resource center.

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Conducted via video conference, the sessions offer coping techniques for dealing with bad news, in a country where three per cent of the population – or 8.2 million - suffer from anxiety and mood disorders, according to 2018 Egyptian health ministry data.

Behavioural therapy

"We use cognitive behavioural therapy which teaches patients how to manage stress and anxiety and gives relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and positive self-talk," said Mohamed el-Shami, a therapist working for Shezlong.

Professor of Psychology at Cairo University Gamal Freusar said 70 per cent of Egyptians were now classified as "pseudo coronavirus" as they assume they have the virus and think they have the symptoms although they actually do not.

"About two-thirds of Egyptian society is now having high levels of anxiety and tension and this may cause many physical problems for them," he said.

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U.S. online therapy platform Talkspace said it was donating free therapy to healthcare workers.

"The mental health of our social workers, nurses, doctors and other health personnel is now paramount," Talkspace CEO Oren Frank said in a statement.

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