Take processed meat at your own peril, global cancer body now warns

Processed meat and energy drinks increase your chances of contracting cancer, according to a new report by World Cancer Research Fund.

The survey shows you would still be at risk of getting cancer despite eating small portions of processed meat.

Sweetened drinks have been linked to unnecessary weight gain, especially when taken in large quantities.

This in turn leads to high body fat, a cause of several cancers among them prostrate, gall bladder, liver, mouth and oesaphagus.

“It is best to avoid processed meat as much as possible, as it is generally energy dense and can contain high levels of salt. What is more is that some of the methods of preservation used to create processed meat, which include (smoking, salting and curing) are known to contain carcinogens," read the report.

Carcinogens are substances that are radioactive and known to interfere with a person’s DNA, leaving them prone to cancer.

Processed meat refers to meat transformed through salting, curing, smoking, fermentation or other processes to enhance flavour or improve preservation.

Food preparation

Depending on food preparation practices, the report says, processed meat can include salami, bacon and some sausages.

Although the report notes that meat can be a valuable source of nutrients - mainly iron, zinc, proteins and vitamin B12, it is not an essential part of a healthy diet.

In Kenya, 40,000 new cancer cases are recorded every year according to Kenya Network of Cancer Organisation. Similarly, there are 27,000 deaths associated with the disease every year.

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