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Five house plants you should consider buying

Your Home
 House plants you should consider buying (Photo: Courtesy)

Indoor plants are a great decorative addition to your home. The best part about them is that they are easy to maintain and they bring a nice aesthetic touch to your home.

Besides their artsy perks, they come with a number of health benefits like purifying and improving the air quality, making them the perfect ‘pet’ if you may.

When you’re deciding on which plant to get, the whole process can be challenging. There are so many species to choose from and you might not know which one would be the best for your house.

If you’re a little confused, here are some great plants options you can look into:

 Air plants don't need soil making the perfect for an indoor plant (Photo: Courtesy)
Air plant

Air plants aren’t like any typical plants you might know about. The unique thing about them is that they don’t grow in soil so you’re basically free to hang them in different spots.

They survive by absorbing moisture from the air and they mostly thrive in tropical climates. Although they don’t need a lot of maintenance, they do require a specific routine to thrive.

Still, these are a wonderful option if you’re looking for something easy to maintain.

 African violets are beautiful and they will add colour to your space as well (Photo: Courtesy)
African violets

African violets will bring in a burst of color with their signature violet flowers. You can even find those that have white flowers depending on what you’re going for.

They are mainly indoor plants so they would flourish in different indoor conditions. To ensure they’re healthy, you need to make sure they’re getting indirect sunlight and that you’re bottom watering them so that water doesn’t land on the flowers or leaves.

 Chinese evergreen can still thrive under artificial lighting (Photo: Courtesy)
Chinese evergreen

These indoor plants are some of the most beautiful ones you will ever see. There are rare pink Chinese evergreen with shades of pink and green and those that have vibrant green and white leaves.

Chinese evergreen need to get indirect sunlight and can even still thrive under artificial lighting. With a little watering and maintenance, you can keep your Chinese evergreen happy.

 Spider plants don't need a lot of attention and they are non-toxic as well (Photo: Courtesy)
Spider plant

If you have pets and are having a hard time figuring out which pants to have, go with the spider plant. The hardest part about having pets around your indoor plants is that they might nibble on potentially toxic plants. It would be terrifying to have to rush your furry friend to the vet due to poisoning from an indoor plant you bought.

With spider plants, you don’t have to worry about that. They are non-toxic to cats and dogs and don’t need a lot of your attention when it comes to maintenance.

 Succulents are the best because they are self-sufficient (Photo: Courtesy)

Succulent pants are a wonderful option for indoor plants. You can buy anything from the snake plants to jade plants to string of bananas plant, and so many other species.

Succulents are a favorite indoor plant for many because they’re very self-sufficient. They can survive in different climatic conditions and keeping up with them will be a breeze in case you even happen to forget to water them for a minute, they will still survive.

The main thing to avoid when you have them is overwatering.

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