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How to clean cooking grease from your kitchen walls

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 Always wipe your wall immediately after food splatters (Shutterstock)

Preventing food splatters and oils from staining kitchen walls when cooking is a challenge many have to deal with from time to time. No matter how careful you try to be when cooking, you are still likely to find yourself with stained walls.

Ideally, you need to consider cleaning any splatters off the walls immediately since if left on the walls longer, they soak deeper into the surfaces making them harder to wipe off. However, doing this is somehow not realistic considering you have to cook a couple times a day, which translates to spending more time in the kitchen.

We look at some easy methods you can adopt to make cleaning your kitchen walls easier:

Method one

Cleaning your walls shouldn’t be an expensive affair. Most of the products you need for the process can be readily collected from your kitchen. The first option involves mixing hot water, baking soda and vinegar. With a sponge, you can then use the solution to clean the stains from your wall.

After cleaning with the solution, you need to give your wall a wash with some washing powder to remove any remaining solution from the wall that might end up corroding it.

 Vinegar and baking soda are readily available in your kitchen (Shutterstock)

Method two

Another easy way to clean off food and oil splatter from your kitchen wall is by using baby powder. However, this method is recommended for walls with lime wash paint as it can scrape off enamel paints.

To clean your wall, you need to apply a generous amount of baby powder and let it rest for at least an hour then scrubbing the area to reveal the wall’s original texture and colour!

Method three

The third method involves the use of flour or chalk to clean the oil stains. Unlike the second method, this one is suited for enamel painted walls, walls with shiny finishes. Here, you rub a generous amount of the chalk or flour on the stained area until it is properly covered. Next, you use a paper towels or tissue paper to clean off the chalk or flour then follow it up with a wet towel. The end result should be a sparkling wall without any paint scrapped off.

Tip: When food splatters on your wall, you can make it a habit to wipe it off as soon as possible to prevent the stains from penetrating your walls and becoming too hard to clean.


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