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Are you an attention seeker?

 Are you an attention seeker? (Photo: iStock)

We all seek attention, to some degree; it is a natural part of human interaction. However, for some, the desire for attention can become a compulsion that affects their daily lives and relationships.

While attention-seeking behaviours may seem overt, there are hidden symptoms that often go unnoticed, impacting both the individual and those around them. While it may need some empathy and understanding to help these individuals, be warned, they can become insufferable.

These individuals may constantly seek reassurance, approval or compliments from others. They may become emotionally dependent on external validation, leading to feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.

This will become more evident because they tend to embellish or exaggerate stories about themselves or their experiences. They may feel compelled to capture the spotlight by sharing extraordinary tales or amplifying their achievements, often to gain admiration or sympathy.

Due to their obsessed love for attention, they have a heightened sensitivity to criticism. They may react strongly to even constructive feedback, perceiving it as a personal attack on their self-worth.

This can lead to defensiveness, emotional outbursts or seeking validation to counteract the perceived criticism. While their behaviour can be overt, such as seeking constant praise or engaging in disruptive actions, they can also manifest in subtle ways.

You will discover that these people love fishing for compliments, monopolising conversations and playing the victim which is all aimed at drawing attention to themselves. Prone to this cycle of seeking attention momentarily and then feeling unsatisfied once the attention diminishes, that can perpetuate negative emotional patterns as they become trapped in an endless quest for external validation.

Could you be an attention seeker? Chances are, if you are asking this question there is a likelihood that you enjoy hogging the spotlight a tad too much.

Reflect on your behaviour: Take a moment of introspection and honestly assess your actions and motivations. Are you constantly seeking validation or engaging in attention-seeking behaviours? And yes, social media antics count too. Acknowledging your tendencies is a crucial first step toward personal growth.

Observe patterns in others: Pay attention to recurring behaviours in the people around you. Do they look visibly annoyed or disgusted by your actions? Are people avoiding you? Are you being left out of family events? Do you struggle with relationships? Take it as a sign.

Addressing the problem: Developing self-awareness is essential in addressing attention-seeking behaviours. Identify the underlying needs and emotions that drive those behaviours. Engage in self-reflection and therapy if needed to gain insight into your motivations and develop healthier coping mechanisms. Shift the focus from seeking attention to building genuine connections with others. Nurture relationships based on mutual respect, trust and support. Engage in active listening, show genuine interest in others and contribute positively to conversations. Allow things to flow without you taking over.

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