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Things men do with their girlfriends that go against bro code

 Things men do that go against bro code (Photo: iStock)

Bro code and girl code are terms used to define friendships. If you're not familiar with these terms, bro code is a set of rules that dictate how male friendships should be, and girl code is the same thing, just for female friendships.

Having rules that dictate a friendship may sound silly and childish, but people actually take these things seriously. Friendships have even been permanently broken after certain boundaries have been crossed.

Bro code and girl code rules are different, but today we are going to talk about the bro code. The bro code has rules that can affect your romantic relationship, and we know that most guys have broken a few bro code boundaries with their girlfriends. If you're guilty of breaking the bro code in your relationship, you're not alone:

Revealing secret bro codes

Everyone has access to the list of general bro code rules. You can easily google and know all of them within a few minutes.

While there are common bro codes, different groups might have secret bro codes that are personal to them. These might even be more lightheaded rules they have between each other that other people don't need to know.

Because of this law, bros are expected to keep these rules to themselves at all times. But there will definitely be situations when a bro will slip up.

Tattooing her name

Tattooing someone's name on yourself is generally a horrible idea. In bro code specifically, a girlfriend's name should never ever be tattooed on your chest or anywhere else on your body for that matter.

The main reason is that in case you break up, which often happens, a bro will live with regrets and have to cover it up with another painful tattoo.

This is a rule that so many guys break because we've seen a number of male celebrities rushing to get their girlfriends' names and sometimes even their portraits tattooed.

Ditching the boys for her

Cancelling on your bros or ditching them halfway for your girl is a big breach in bro code. There is the famous rule that you should never let a woman come before your friends, so making this move is seen as a letdown.

However, there comes a time when a man will transition into a family life with responsibilities and this is when guys will start to hang out with their girlfriends more.

Revealing another bro's secrets

Loyalty is key to any relationship. It's good practice to avoid spreading anyone's secrets to others.

However, people often share confidential things about others with their partners. A bro might reveal that one of their friends cheated or other details the other person would rather keep hidden.

Bringing her to their hangouts

Showing up with your girlfriend to a guy's hangout is seen as lame. You might officially be the loser of a group if you do that especially when you do that without letting others know.

A hangout for the boys is considered sacred and you will even notice a mood change when someone brings his girlfriend along for a boys' hangout.

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