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I think I am falling for an older man

 Is age really a factor? (Photo: Courtesy)

Hi Chris,

I always assumed I would meet and marry someone my age, but somehow I have really fallen for a man who is quite older than me. In fact, he is in his 50s while I am still in my 30s.

And so in today’s youth-oriented world, I am already getting a few pitying looks from my friends. I guess they all imagine that he cannot keep up with me.

But it is not true. In fact, I am having the time of my life - including in bed. So is what I am doing so wrong?

Age Limit

Chris says,

Hi Age Limit!

No, it is not! In fact, middle-aged men have a lot going for them. Like they are far nicer to their partners, much less bothered by physical self-esteem, and the emphasis in their sex life has changed; from quantity to quality and the enjoyment of real intimacy.

It all comes from an emotional transformation that most men go through during their 40s, which leads to a more romantic frame of mind. Not at all like men in their 20s, whose lives are dominated by their drive to conquer the world, and to chase everything in skirts!

Or men in their 30s who are exhausted by their career goals and their growing families and social lives. By their 50s, men have started giving their relationships a higher priority than their work. They become more confident and honest about intimacy.

They are more adventurous and passionate, and better at talking things over with their partner. Men in their 50s are far more generous in bed than they were before.

They spend more time making love, and they know what they are doing. They have learned that intimacy is not about perfect bodies but giving each other joy.

Sex is no longer an isolated act and has become part of other pleasures, such as good food and affection. They are more understanding of women’s bodies, and all the urgency that drives young men has gone. 

Because when you are young, love and desire is all about hormones and stuff. And a young man’s whole chemistry is geared towards having sex as often as possible. So right through to their late 30s, most women complain that their men want too much sex and feel used.

That is where a man in his 50s comes into his own. Because now he is able to understand her needs better. And he knows that it is worth all the effort. Because when the sex is great between a loving couple, everything about the whole relationship goes well.

No problem is too great to solve. Commitment increases and they are more relaxed. But what really makes the difference is an older man’s newfound emotional sensitivity. And his desire to please. So enjoy every moment with him.

All the best,


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