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Tilapia with a twist

 Fish fingers with tartar sauce [Courtesy]

Sylvia Akinyi prefers grilling or baking to deep frying as it is a healthier way of enjoying fish, due to the less oil used. That, plus grilling, confers unbelievable flavour to the fish.

Fish fingers with tartar sauce


600 grams Fish fillet (I use tilapia)

Olive oil

For crumbs:

1 cup of breadcrumbs

teaspoon each of salt and pepper

For batter:

1 egg

1 tablespoon mayonnaise

2 tablespoon flour

teaspoon salt and black pepper, each

For serving:

Tartar sauce dip

Lemon wedges

Finely chopped parsley for garnish

 Grilling adds unbelievable flavour to fish [Courtesy]


On a wide plate, add the crumbs ingredients; breadcrumbs, salt, and pepper.

Mix the batter ingredients; egg, mayonnaise, tbsp flour, salt, and black pepper in a separate bowl.

Cut the fillet into strips and pat dry to remove excess water.

Place fish in batter, and gently mix with a rubber spatula to coat.

Breading: Pick up fish with tongs, and place in crumbs ingredients. Spoon over crumbs and use fingers to press to adhere.

Deep fry or bake.

Serve immediately garnished with lemon wedges, Tartar sauce dip, and finely chopped parsley.

Tilapia fish tacos

Make the fish fingers as in the 'Fish Fingers' recipe above.

 Tilapia with a twist [Courtesy]

For the slaw:

Cabbage, thinly sliced



Bell peppers



Lemon /lime

Mayonnaise for the dressing

 Sylvia Akinyi prefers grilling or baking to deep frying as it is a healthier way of enjoying fish [Courtesy]


In a bowl, mix the slaw ingredients; thinly sliced cabbage, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, parsley, avocado, and juice from one lemon /lime, and set aside.

Brown the tortillas wraps on a pan, then assemble the taco; fish fingers, slaw, and mayo sauce.

Serve and enjoy.

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