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Foods you should love when pregnant

Healthy meals you should eat when pregnant (Photo: Courtesy)

During pregnancy, your body is in a very sensitive state. It can’t handle everything it used to and you have to do all you can to keep healthy.

At the top of the list of things you need to do is eat right. There is a temptation to binge on fast foods and other unhealthy options but you have to remember that healthy food helps your baby develop properly.

As your hormones fluctuate, you can find that you just don’t like some foods that you previously did. Plus, some foods are out of bounds because they can cause health issues for expectant women.

The foods you can eat may be limited but you still have a huge list to choose from. Here are some meals you should be enjoying as a soon to be mom:

Fortified breakfast cereals (Photo: Courtesy)

·         Fortified breakfast cereals

Let’s start with breakfast because this is what kick starts your day. Many of the cereal options available aren’t healthy at all since they barely have any nutritional advantages but you have others that can add some benefits like fortified cereals.

Fortified cereals contain crucial nutrients like folic acid and iron, which help to prevent birth defects. Still, you should research the best type to buy so you can be sure you’re getting those that have real benefits.

Avocados (Photo: Courtesy)

·         Avocados

Avo is a star in the food world. And for matters to do with pregnancy, the benefits can still be seen as well.

Avocados definitely have essential benefits for you because they can help curb morning sickness and treat problems like anaemia. They also help to ensure the baby’s brain develops properly.

Another good thing also is that avocados are filling so you won’t get hungry quickly.

Dark leafy greens (Photo: Courtesy)

·         Dark leafy greens

With each meal you have, you should have some spinach, kale or any other leafy greens. This is important for everyone, but you should pay more attention to this rule while you’re expectant.

You will get a lot of calcium and vitamins like C and K, all of which are very essential during these nine months and after.

Eggs (Photo: Courtesy)

·         Eggs

With eggs, you can switch things up and create new meal ideas. All those amino acids, proteins and iron that you need can be found in eggs, which makes them a good choice during pregnancy.

Eggs contain almost every nutrient and this combination they have is also important for your baby’s muscle and spine development.

You can choose to prepare them differently but the best way that is recommended is by boiling. They are a quick, easy to make snack that will keep you healthy.

Lean meat (Photo: Courtesy)

·         Lean meat

Another type of food that you shouldn’t ignore is lean meats. Meat often gets a bad name but it’s safe to eat as long as it’s cooked well and consumed in moderation.

You need enough proteins, which also help to regulate blood sugar and lean meat like beef and lamb are good options to go for.

Eating the right amount will give you enough iron which is very important as your blood volume increases.

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