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Things you can do during your babymoon

 A babymoon will help you relax before the baby arrives (Photo: Baby Chick)

Having a baby on the way is a huge deal. Your life is about to change in so many ways, plus, it's so exciting knowing that your bundle of joy is going to be here soon.

In this season before the baby comes, you need to celebrate. Most people have baby showers but an emerging trend is babymoons.

A babymoon is similar to a honeymoon only that you're expectant. It's usually an ideal time to have one during the second trimester when you can still move around comfortably and participate in some fun activities.

Some people travel to distant locations for their babymoon but, you can also decide to have a staycation kind of celebration. There are a bunch of interesting activities to do during your babymoon, and on this list are some ideas you can choose from:

Book a massage session

There are only a few activities that are as relaxing as a massage. You don't realize how much muscle tension your body has been hoarding until a masseuse does their magic.

A massage would be perfect when you're on your babymoon. And being away from your usual environment will complement that relaxing experience.

However, do your research first to confirm the dos and don'ts of getting a massage while you're pregnant. Also, confirm with your doctor whether it's safe for you.

Hangout at the hotel room

Hanging out in the room is a fun experience on its own. It feels different from being at home because you can relax without feeling anxious about chores and other responsibilities.

You can simply binge-watch some movies throughout the day or maybe enjoy the view from the balcony as you catch up on some fun stories. Don't forget to order some room service too, which is honestly the best part.

There is no rush here so you will have a great time during those days when you just want to chill on your baby moon.

Go for nature walks

A calm nature walk would also be a wonderful experience for you. Every city has spots for adventure lovers and you might find one where you're going.

Check online for the one that is closest to you and head out for a fun nature walk. This will also be an opportunity for you to work out because taking a walk is also an effective form of exercise.

Explore local food spots

Every city prides itself on having the best local dishes. This is what makes a place unique, and on your babymoon, you get to experience this as well.

You can find out some of the best local food spots by checking online or getting a few recommendations as well.

But, remember to order pregnancy-safe foods and avoid dangerous options like unpasteurized juices and fish.

Do some baby shopping

Every girl loves a bit of shopping every once in a while. It's even more exciting to shop in a new city because you will find items that aren't available at the local stores where you live.

Use this opportunity to visit baby shops around that area and add some items to your collection for when the baby gets here. This will also be a wonderful bonding experience for you and your partner.

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