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How to time block like a pro


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 How to time block like a pro (Photo: iStock)

Many of us are guilty of slacking off when it comes to time management. The consequences are a life full of disorganization and a cycle of anxiety and procrastination.

There are different strategies that can help to improve time management skills like coming up with a to-do list or, if you want to risk, relying on your own self-discipline without any solid plan. The better one that is more effective, especially for beginners is a to-do list.

But actually, there is a more advanced and more effective version of a list, which is time-blocking. With time blocking, you create a schedule where every hour is accounted for including personal tasks like breaks and family time.

This method works because it creates order, and trains you on how to account for every single hour, unlike a general to-do list. For you to learn how to time block like a pro, you will need these essential tips:

Start with a to-do list

Although time blocking is often more effective than a simple to-do list, you still need to involve the latter. This list is the one that will give you a clear view of what you need to handle on a particular day.

As you come up with your list, be sure to list your tasks from urgent to least important. This will allow you to organize your priorities on your time block schedule.

Identify your most productive hours

Some people find that they're able to focus very early in the morning, while others feel their motivation kicking in towards the afternoon or even at night. Whatever time you feel most productive, schedule tasks that need full concentration during those hours.

Identify those hours that you're able to concentrate fully and schedule deep work during those times.

Create realistic timeframes

A big mistake that beginners often make is underestimating how long it takes to complete certain tasks. This is what creates a lot of frustration with time blocking, which eventually causes many to give up.

For you to master time blocking, assess how your usual daily routine goes, try it out for some time in your new time blocking schedule and make adjustments where you need to.

Group similar tasks together

One thing that can help you be more productive is task batching which is grouping similar tasks together. This is an effective strategy because you're able to have some rhythm in your day instead of moving through different tasks without any order.

For example, you can schedule 20 minutes at certain points of the day to reply to emails instead of checking every time you see a notification. This will create order and allow you to complete similar tasks simultaneously.

Automate your time-blocking schedule

Writing down your tasks every single day doesn't work at all. That is why you should automate through apps which will make your life ten times easier.

You can search through multiple time-blocking apps online and check which one works best for you. You could even try and use your usual google calendar to organize your day.

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