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Things you should do before turning 30

 Turning 30 doesn't have to be as scary as most people make it out (Photo: iStock)

Time flies so fast, doesn't it? Before you know it you're already in your mid-20 then everything from there is a blur.

As we draw closer to 30, there's something inside us that makes us panic. Part of it could be realizing that you haven't achieved your life goals and that can be quite scary.

If you've already crossed 30, congratulations, you've already made it to the other side in one piece! If you haven't, here are some things you should be working on before your 30th birthday:

Go on dates

True love doesn't come easy and people who waited too long will tell you about the struggle. At a certain age, you will start to realize that all your friends are slowly getting hitched and that you should have prioritized that earlier too.

Right now you have the opportunity to meet new people and you should take advantage of that. This will also give you enough time for you and your future partner to have fun together and learn from each other before the pressure starts to kick in.

Learn your skin

Our skin goes through different phases as we age. When we are in our teens and early 20s we can afford to do the bare minimum but that will change once you cross over to the third and fourth floor.

Therefore, before you reach your 30s, take time to learn what your skin loves. There are things that will change with time but you should at least know the basics like your skin type and the types of products your skin responds to.

 This is your time to explore and try new things (Photo: iStock)
Try new things

Something that many 30 and 40-year-olds wish they did in their 20s had more fun. Life is about to get busier so this is your perfect opportunity.

Loosen up and allow yourself to go for holidays and trips with your family and friends, try new hairstyles, take up new challenges and eat life with a big spoon while you still have time.

However, don't use this as an excuse to be careless though, you will have my regrets.

Prioritise your health

Health should be one of our main priorities in each stage of our lives. The habits you have in your 20s will affect you in your 30s and the habits you have in your 30s will affect you in your 40s, and so on. All this is to say, you should enjoy your junk food but in moderation.

Also, this should apply to your mental health as well. Seek therapy and counselling so that those struggles don't follow you into your 30s.

Find your career path

You have a bit of time to find out what your career plans are. If you've been undecided for a long time, you can seek some guidance on which path is best for you.

This is important because you should start being more financially stable as you move into your 30s. You need to have a solid plan so that you don't end up struggling financially in future.

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