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How practicing self-love can help you overcome body shaming

 Feeling bad over your weight issue will be a thing of the past if you avoid foods that endanger your well being (Shutterstock)

Have you ever gone through body shaming? The moment when someone, consciously or unconsciously, say negative statements with regards to your weight or shape? It feels horrible to tread down that path as it is emotionally draining. In some cases, we can be victims of our own body shaming through negative self-talk.

Here is how to trash the body shaming clutter and love yourself more

Adapt a healthier lifestyle leading to a healthy body

With self-love comes nurturing your body. This involves adapting a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating healthy and exercising. You should make it intentional to curate the body you want. Since your body will respond to the healthy way of living, you are able to have a better body. Through this, you can confidently work towards getting the body you like, including considerations for work outs.

Feeling bad over your weight issue will be a thing of the past if you avoid foods that endanger your well being. You need to love your body and do what is within your control to nurture it.

Boost your confidence in dressing your body

Regardless of your body shape and size, dressing can be an uphill task. When you love yourself, appreciating your body becomes a priority. You can do this through affirmation statements as you look at yourself in the mirror. As a result, you boost your confidence, love your body and dress well.

In many cases, you may hide behind clothes that do not match your style or personality because you dislike how you look. Self-love solves that by reminding you that you are beautiful. You can now show that to the world through rocking the outfits you’ve been eyeing.

 Confidently work towards getting the body you like (Shutterstock)

Make yourself feel sexy, again

When you are self conscious about your looks, whether because of a statement someone made, or the society around you, your esteem is bruised. Feeling sexy and attractive is something that needs to come from within after understanding and appreciating how you look. Self-love promises to make you feel amazing, again. Self-love constantly reassures you that you are worthy and that someone else can get attracted to you. When you relax through a spa session or go to vacation for instance, you are bound to get rejuvenated and fall in love with yourself before expecting someone else to.

Subscribe to positive body talk forums

Since self-love focuses on self-improvement, you will need to find programs that can help you get positive energy around your looks. These forums are an aid in that, they will be moving to affirm you of your worth. You are also able to network with a community that spreads positivity instead of shaming you the more. Through such, you grow inwardly as you pump in the positive messages

Stop self-comparing yourself to others

Comparison of self to other people is our biggest undoing. The plain truth is that your body belongs to you alone, and it is unique in its features. Loving yourself will push you towards giving a deaf ear and blind eye to other people’s bodies. You will be able to look at your body objectively and decide on what you want improved through the likes of adaptation to a healthier lifestyle. So, stop scrolling on social media and flipping through magazines highlighting ‘body goals’.


With unwavering confidence in how you look, no one can pull you down on grounds of body features. Start loving yourself today and watch as others compliment your body, all due to the confidence you’ll be dripping.

What are you currently worrying about?

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