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Interactions with relatives, colleagues and neighbors you can't stand


Close your eyes for a moment and think about people in your circle of friends, at your place of work, where you live and in your extended family. You notice there are those you like, thus easily get along with. You can pleasantly pick their phone calls even when they call at an ungodly hour. But then there is another bunch of those you dislike or hate for one reason or another.

You probably just don’t like the shape of their nose. Or you hate them because they are fat or skinny in a disgusting way. Or because they are from that tribe you hate. It could also be their character and personality.

Or maybe just because they support Jubilee and for some strange reason, you strongly believe they have something to do with the biting shortage of unga. Or because they support Nasa and you just can’t imagine Raila as president.

You hate these people with a passion. So much so that they are only alive because it’s illegal to kill a fellow human being!

Now, imagine if such was the case with almost everyone around you everywhere you go, yet you are not ready to relocate to Pluto or any other planet or better still, you are scared of committing suicide.

Well, such was the case with a certain 57-year-old anti-social Spanish woman who last week confessed of having masqueraded as blind for the last 28 years.

She reportedly went through this trouble so as to avoid social interactions with people, including her own relatives.

Tired of greeting people, having to start small talks and being bothered and nagged by her relatives everytime, Carmen Jiménez is reported to have feigned an eye injury that purportedly led to her being completely blind.

The woman shocked the local press when she confessed that she had always been able to perfectly see. Interestingly, some of her relatives had been suspicious of her blindness. Some claimed they always found it strange that she used to apply make-up by herself.

Others said they always noticed her trying to look at the TV from the corner of her eyes. But she never admitted to faking her blindness, until recently.

Research show drivers are most obnoxious on Mondays. Do you agree??

Hear her: “I did it to avoid having to greet and talk to people I didn’t like. I was tired of meeting people on the street and stopping to say ‘hello’. I’ve never been very social person, and by pretending to be blind I was able to avoid many social responsibilities.” Sigh!

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