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Transition children into new school year

 Navigating this period requires effort and intentionality [Courtesy, Freepik]

As the last remnants of Christmas are officially tucked away and the holiday cheer settles into memory (sob), a familiar rhythm back to reality returns to households. The back-to-school transition.

Navigating this period requires effort and intentionality by reestablishing routines and building on the excitement of a new academic chapter for the young ones.  

Take it slow for the smaller children: Gently ease children back into the school routine by initiating a gradual re-entry. Begin by reintroducing school like schedules a few days before the official return. Adjust bedtime and wake up times incrementally, allowing them to acclimate without abrupt changes.

Create routines: Children thrive on predictability. Establishing a transitional routine helps create a sense of security. Outline the morning and evening rituals including mealtimes, study periods and downtime. This predictability provides a comforting structure amid the shift from holiday spontaneity to school day structure.

Involve the children: Empower children by involving them in back-to-school preparations. Let them choose school supplies being a new school year, allow them to select their outfit for the first day (if they don’t wear uniform) or have them arrange their new books and organize their school bags. This collaboration fosters a sense of ownership and excitement about the impending return to the classroom.

Create a positive picture: Engage in encouraging storytelling about school experiences. Reflecting on past achievements and enjoyable moments helps build positive associations with school. Discuss upcoming activities, projects, or events thus awakening their anticipation and curiosity about what the new academic year holds especially if it is a new school.

Address concerns: Encourage open communication to address any concerns or anxieties children may harbor about returning to school. Listen actively, validate their feelings and provide reassurance. Acknowledge that it’s natural to feel a mix of emotions and emphasize the supportive network at school and home.

Designate homework spaces: Create designated homework spaces that promote focus and productivity. Organize study materials, minimize distractions and incorporate elements that inspire uninterrupted concentration. This not only establishes a conducive learning environment but also signals a seamless return to the academic routine.

Build social interactions: Arrange playdates or casual gatherings for your children to reconnect with their classmates. Social bonds play a crucial role in easing the transition back to school. Familiar faces and shared experiences create a supportive atmosphere that eases the adjustment.

Start traditions: This may sound too extra but for the sake of your children it will have a profound impact. Small things like a special dinner where they all get to enjoy their favourite meals or a shared activity like baking as a family, will help them look forward to every new school term or year. This serve as anchors, grounding children in a sense of familial support as they embark on the academic journey.


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