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Safety first: Items few think of when travelling

 Here are some things to give you peace of mind in your travels [Courtesy, Freepik]

One of the things many people rarely think about are safety products one needs to travel with, especially during an adventure trip or solo travel.

Luckily, travelling and staying safe does not need much to get right. Here are some things to give you peace of mind in your travels.

Money bag

Regular travellers carry a money bag that they keep close to their waist. The gear is especially a favourite of travellers who are more comfortable keeping their valuables hidden away in a discreet money belt as opposed to a backpack or handbag. Money bags are usually safe for stashing large amounts of cash or for passports.


This is an essential safety gear, especially one that features slash-resistant fabric and has zippers that clasp together. Some backpacks come with padlock lockable latch and zippers. It should also have a laptop sleeve suitable for computers up to 15 inches long. The main compartment should open like a suitcase to make packing and organising your stuff easy.

First aid kit

A handy first aid kit should come with all the essential medicine and equipment. Whether you are travelling to a major city or hiking on a trail, a first aid kit can help in the case of blisters, burns, headaches or cuts.

The kit should come organised with like-teams together, so you can quickly access exactly what you need. It should also come in a lightweight and waterproof carrying case so you can leave it in your vehicle or pack it in a day bag to ensure that you are fully prepared for health issues on the go.

Safety alarm

Sometimes, you may never know the importance of something until a need for it arises. Not many travellers know that an alarm clock is an important safety tool to carry. A small subtle safety alarm can easily be slipped into your pocket or handbag.

The ideal safety alarm should be loud and offensive. The alarm comes in handy when your safety is threatened as it draws the attention of other people around you.

A good safety alarm should be small and look more like a USB drive than a personal alarm and should conveniently fit into your pocket or handbag.

Portable safe

You will need a simple imposing and light safe, specifically available for travellers that you can use to keep your valuables secure while you are travelling.

Keeping your gear secure while, for instance, at the beach, a walking tour of a city or watching a cultural performance can be a challenge especially if you are a solo traveller and you do not have someone with you to watch over your stuff.

Portable safes are available at travel gear shops, and large shopping hubs that have a travel gear section.

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