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Is makeup safe for children?

 Is makeup safe for children? (Photo: iStock)

The beauty industry is by far one of the most popular industries in the world. With the popularity of skincare products and various make-up kits, the question arises as to whether makeup is safe for children.

You will see many children on social media applying makeup with their parent's permission, but is it okay?

Opinions vary, with many parents still believing that make-up should be left to adults.

Whether you agree or disagree, here is what you need to know about make-up and the safety concerns you should have for your precious princesses:

Kids grow up too fast

Kids need to be encouraged to be kids no matter what they see going on around them. No child should be changing their appearance even if they’re using pretend makeup kits to transform themselves. This makes them grow up too quickly and may trigger certain sexual triggers at a very early stage.

It’s inappropriate

As aforementioned, makeup has a sexual tone to it and besides being used to draw attention to one’s face, it hides flaws thus somewhat deceiving and studies have shown that women who wear makeup act differently from when they do not.

Makeup can become a source of fake confidence at an early age affecting their self-esteem as they grow up. It also sends the wrong message to all those who see young girls and kids wearing lipstick and other makeup that should be reserved for adults.


Study after study has found that certain makeup brands marketed to children contain harmful ingredients that cause allergies and other skin reactions.

Justice, a makeup brand that targets tweens was discovered to have traces of asbestos in its shimmer powder forced to remove it from the market.

As if that isn’t enough, several photos and videos on social media started making rounds with kids being hospitalized and having severe allergic reactions.

Dangerous chemicals

Most chemicals found in makeup cause irritation, dryness, redness and itchiness and prolonged use can adversely affect the structure and barrier of the skin.

Considering these are young girls, the chances of them completely removing the makeup from their faces is next to nil and these traces of makeup left behind may lead to acne, clog the pores, dermatitis, flaking and buildup of dirt and bacteria.

Add to that the fact that kid’s skin is thinner making it difficult to retain moisture and keeping dangerous elements out compared to adult skin.

Ingredients to be on the lookout for

Just because they’re pink or have glitter does not mean they are safe for your children. According to the laws where most of these products are manufactured, brands are not required to mention the chemicals that fall under the fragrance ingredient.

Nickel on the other hand has been commonly related to dermatitis while preservatives such as formaldehyde have been shown to have a link to certain cancers and skin conditions.

So, is makeup safe for kids? That is up to you.

Do your homework and make the decision before you gift your makeup-obsessed daughter with a new eyeshadow palette.


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