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How to deal with an annoying neighbour



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 How to deal with an annoying neighbour (Photo: iStock)

In this world, we all have to learn how to live with other people whether we like it or not. We share this space with others whether it’s neighbours at home, colleagues or family members so, it’s important that we embrace getting along with others.

Although we know this truth, it’s easier said than done, especially when it comes to pesky neighbours. You might be the one doing your best to respect others but, sometimes, you don’t always get that same courtesy.

An annoying neighbour might have habits like nosiness and they might even play loud music when you and your kids are going to bed. If you’re dealing with one of these hard-to-get-along-with neighbours, here is what you can do:

Set firm boundaries

Neighbourliness is part of our African culture. Even in other spaces, it’s just nice to build rapport with your neighbour because you never know, they might come through for you one day.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should be overly friendly with them. This will put you at a disadvantage if they are not the type to respect others.

What you need to do is find a balance between friendliness and respect. That is how you keep your neighbour from infringing on your peace.

Handle issues directly

Pettiness and passive aggressiveness usually don’t lead to any great results. Retaliation might seem like an option if you have a super annoying neighbour but better believe it will only cause more stress.

A better option, if you have a particular issue, is to talk to them directly. They might not even be fully aware of how their actions are affecting you so this might help them understand your concerns clearly.

If you have told them directly what needs to change and they don’t bother, you will know what kind of neighbour you’re dealing with.

Involve the landlord or caretaker

There are times when talking to your neighbour doesn’t work. Some of these people can be very stubborn and to find a solution, you might need to involve someone with authority.

This can help you solve the problem and, you might even find out that others have experienced the same issue with this particular neighbour.

Ignore them

Believe it or not, there are people who just love getting on others’ nerves for fun. They know that what they’re doing is annoying but, they couldn’t care less.

This type of person will want to annoy you and to deal with that, simply ignore it. If you notice that they’re trying to dig into your business, change the subject and move on.

Opt for a move

If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, you should probably consider finding a better location. And if you knew that you were moving to a place that is not family-friendly in the first place, you have to take some responsibility and do something about it.

If you can, try and find out if you can be moved to a different house or floor or, start searching for a new location altogether. 

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