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Team Lioness: The women rangers of Amboseli

It is one of the first all-women ranger units in Kenya, with 16 members from the Maasai community living around Amboseli
By Jacqueline Mahugu Sep. 30, 2023

My love for the macho man is gone

I have always had a preference for masculine young men, but lately, I find myself thinking a lot about some older colleagues who are far less macho. What is going on with me?
By Chris Hart 23h ago

Help! I have difficulty making conversation

I do not know why, but I find it difficult to make conversation. Especially with someone new. So in a group, I hardly ever even feel like opening my mouth! Please help!

22h ago


Thorn melon: The rich superfood

Thorn melon: The rich superfood

Thorn melons have a refreshing and exotic taste, which makes them a fantastic addition to fruit salads and smoothies, or they can simply be enjoyed on their own
By Ann Veronicah Sep. 22, 2023

Fashion inspiration: The Amazing Anita Nderu

Fashion inspiration: The Amazing Anita Nderu
With bold statements and a unique fashion style to back them up, Anita Nderu has been on the fashion scene for as long as we can remember
Fashion And Beauty
By Esther Muchene Sep. 14, 2023

Why women tolerate domestic abuse in Kenya

Why women tolerate domestic abuse in Kenya
According to a recent report by the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS) 2022, 43% of women aged 15 to 49 believe that a husband is justified to beat his wife
By Lolita Bunde Jul. 12, 2023