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Five important questions you should ask your gynaecologist

 It is an important appointment that you shouldn’t ignore [Courtesy]

Visiting a gyna can literally save your life. This is a super important appointment that you shouldn’t ignore because it’s just as important as visiting your general practitioner.

The worrying thing is that many women have never gone to a gynecologist in their lives. The assumption is that if there is no smell or discharge everything is okay when that’s not really the main point.

You should take that step and find a doctor because you need to fully understand your body. And before you go, you can use that opportunity to write down all the questions you’ve had for a while. Hopefully, these five on the list will give you a good place to start.

What type of discharge should I be worried about?

The internet has given us a chance to research on every single topic we wish to. If you want to research on vaginal health, you have access to articles and books which helps a lot.

However, this also leaves room for so many assumptions on issues like discharge. There are details that are specific to your body and the best way to get the right answer is by directly consulting a gyna.

 Certain routines like douching may have worked for some but the dangers really outweigh the benefits [Courtesy]

What is the right diet for a healthy vagina?

Diet plays a big role in our reproductive health. The right diet will ensure a proper pH and hormonal balance which is crucial.

You should confirm with your doc what the right foods are and some of the popular diet myths you’ve heard. You will also get to know the foods you should be avoiding because that is an important topic that you need to know as well.

What is the best way to clean my vagina?

This is a topic that has been discussed for some time and there are different opinions. Certain routines like douching may have worked for some but the dangers really outweigh the benefits for most people.

It’s important to hear how to take care of your body from a real professional and not just online opinions. A gyna qualifies to give advice because they understand details that the rest of us don’t so you should definitely confirm this.

What changes should I expect as I age?

This is another topic that really gets a lot of attention when it comes to vaginal health. There are so many assumptions that people have believed for a long time and it’s time to get the real facts.

 Ask your gynaecologist about the changes you should expect as you get older [Courtesy]

Your doctor will let you know some of the real changes that happen, why they happen and what you can do about it.

You might be able to release some of those imagined fears you had and learn new ways to keep your lady parts happy and healthy as you age.

How often should I visit?

There are also a number of opinions about how often you should go for a checkup. The answer might vary because we have different concerns and needs.

You can ask them about your particular situation and how often you should go. You can also consult widely and see how their opinion compares.


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