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Eight appetizing reasons to sleep naked


One over three people admit sleeping without clothes but, do you know about the benefits of sleeping naked?

Here are eight benefits of sleeping without clothes:

It can help your skin

When you sleep naked the whole body can breathe. During the day some parts of our body (feet, private parts, armpits, etc.) are usually covered by clothes, when we sleep naked all these body parts are able breath more, this helps preventing skin diseases and vaginal infections.

It makes you feel more free and happy

When you think about being naked in bed you feel more free. Wearing no trousers, panties, specially no uncomfortable bra, feeling just the softness of the sheets, that feeling will make you smile and feel free.

It makes you less lazy

Some people put on their pajamas when they reach home, using it as an excuse to don’t go out from the house during the rest of the evening. This can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, therefore increase of weight. When you wake up and put on clothes (because you have no pajama) you tend to go out more and become a more active person.

It saves money

When you sleep naked, first; you don’t buy pajamas, secon; you have less clothes to wash, so you will consume less water and soup. Imagine, how much money would you be saving per year?

It helps in the production of sperm

Testicles get too hot when the underwear is tight. The perfect temperature for the production of sperm is just a few degrees colder than the body temperature, sleeping naked helps in the quantity and also the quality of sperm.

You will rest better

Sleeping naked helps regulating the body temperature, what reduces sleeplessness, helping our placid and comforting sleep.

It improves your sex life

Sleeping skin with skin releases the love hormone, oxytocin. What make us waking up with a good mood and more sexual appetite.

It keeps you young

The anti-aging hormones are released easily if we have the right body temperature. The easiest way of keeping our body temperature correct under the sheets is… sleeping naked.

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