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Four ways to help you maintain your curly wig

 Curly weaves are sassier and can basically pair with any outfit (Courtesy)

It’s no secret most ladies prefer straight wigs because they are more convenient and easy to maintain. They rarely tangle and their oil application process is easy-peasy.

However, curly weaves are sassier and can basically pair with any outfit. Not to mention how much they elevate a headwrap outfit.  

If you love curly wigs and you have a problem maintaining them, here are four easy steps that can help you maintain your curly wigs:

Do not comb

I cannot stress this point more. Stop combing your curly wigs. This includes using a brush. When you brush your wig, it loses the curls making it look like some scary movie between a straight and curly wig.

When you want to detangle your wig, always use your fingers. Just move your hands through the wig and it will detangle. Avoid that comb like a plague.\

 Proper storage helps maintain the curls (Courtesy)

Detangle with a conditioner

Curly wigs are basically made to replicate natural hair, they are bound to get dry faster and detangle a lot. During the process of detangling always use water and a conditioner to help you smoothen the wig.

Just like natural hair, curly wigs break and lose their curls and conditioner helps soften the curls and ease the detangling process.

Use liquid oils

When moisturizing curly wigs, it is not easy to penetrate through the curls while using solid oil hair products. It will either be unevenly applied or you will ruin the curls while trying to force your hands through the curls. Just like natural hair, your wig needs moisturizing to help it stay hydrated and smooth.

This will prevent it from unnecessary breakage and keep the curls new and bouncy. You can also use spray bottles to help you penetrate through the curls.

Hang your wig

Stop keeping your wig hidden away inside your closet, whom are you hiding it from? Your wig needs to breathe. When you don’t store your wig in a place where it can get properly aired, it will develop a foul smell from all the oils you apply on it.

Furthermore, hanging it against storing it in the closet it will save you all the time you spend detangling. Proper storage will also help you maintain the curls. Unlike straight wigs that can be heated, most curly wigs can never get their luster back once damaged. Not unless it can sustain some heat. 

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