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#FashionTips: Creating the perfect capsule wardrobe

Fashion Tips
 Capsule items shouldn’t be the only things you own in your closet (Shutterstock)

A capsule wardrobe is a combination of items that can be matched differently to a variety of outfits.

It could be a pair of shoes, a pair of jeans, a white shirt or a blazer. They are limited but their functions are limitless.

Capsule items are mostly neutrals and when matched to outfits, they easily blend in without neutralizing the other items or colours. These items will not only save you money but also time when planning outfits.

Capsule items shouldn’t be the only things you own in your closet. Also, it is important to note that they don’t include accessories like jewelry or scarfs. Capsule items merely act as a guide to completing your outfits.

The most important thing to remember when creating your capsule wardrobe, is that the item you choose to buy should match approximately everything you own in your closet. For start, you can focus on neutral coloured items.

Here are some items that can help you achieve the perfect capsule wardrobe:

A white and a black blazer

These are one of the most basic items to own in your closet, black and white are neutral colours meaning they will blend perfectly with any outfit idea you have in mind.

The key is having a single item that can play multiple roles, and a black or a white blazer does this perfectly.

You can put on these blazers with a pair of trousers, skirts and dresses and still look stylish.

You can have other coloured blazers to colour block your outfits once in a while, but a black and a white blazer can never go wrong, any day.

A pair of blue jeans

Whether they are a dark blue pair of jeans or a sky blue ragged jeans, every lady should invest in at least one pair of blue jeans.

Blue jeans are versatile and they never go out of style.

Jeans are comfortable and can match practically anything in your wardrobe without looking too much and, on a lucky Monday morning, if you pair your pieces well you could actually get away with putting on jeans on an official day.

They also pair well with sneakers, heels and flat shoes. If you can have at least two or three blue jeans in different shades, you are good to go.

Neutral coloured turtlenecks

Every wardrobe should at least have one or two turtleneck tops to have the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Turtleneck tops not only keep you warm during the cold weather but they are also perfect when you want to experiment with layering outfits.

In case you are new to this, ensure your turtlenecks are neutral so they act as the base of your outfit, this is because they cover most of the space on your upper body. Neutral coloured turtlenecks may include: white, black, brown, grey or even jungle green.

The best part about turtlenecks is that they can live up to any occasion, be it a chilly Monday morning at the office and you need to look official or a Saturday outing with your friends.

A black pencil skirt

This is a must have in your wardrobe. A black pencil skirt accentuates every body type and it can be matched with almost anything you can think of.

A black pencil skirt can match well with a turtle neck top on a Monday morning, any coloured blouse or even a chambray top. The best part about pencil skirts is that they also look amazing in all shoe types.

If putting on skirts is a problem maybe because of the length, you can try putting on pencil skirts with a panty hose that matches your skin colour.

Camisole tops

Another name for these tops is spag tops. Camisole tops come in various solid colours and materials, some are elastic while others come in chiffon material.

These tops come in handy especially when you have to put on blazers, flannel shirts or denim jackets. The best part is that they blend in perfectly with all outfits, whether you are in pants or a skirt.

The key to having versatile camisole tops is avoiding tops with writings, they will not go well with all colours and outfits. For instance, when you have to put on a pencil skirt with a blazer, a printed camisole will look out of place in such an outfit.

A black trench coat

This investment is good especially when you are trying to create your first capsule wardrobe or revamping your closet.

A black trench coat will compliment every outfit without neutralizing the whole look. Trench coats are perfect for cold weather, especially when you want to layer your outfits.

Once you are a pro, you can invest in other coloured trench coats but for a beginner, one black trench coat is enough to do all the magic for various outfits.


Last but not least, you can invest in at least a pair of doll shoes, black heels and sneakers.

Doll shoes are comfortable and you can work for longer in them. However, when attending business meetings, conferences or dates it is best you put on heels to look official and stylish. Sneakers will come in handy on casual days and weekends.

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